Truth Revealed

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Dd pov :

Ishani stood up and just walked out of that place towards the main road. And that moment Aadvik came and asked immediately “ where were you? I have been calling you so many times but you didn't picked up. “

Ishani replied, “ My phone was silent.” and added “ I am having headache lets just go home.”

Aadvik asked “ Are you okay? “ Ishani nodded her head and he opened the car door for ishani And joshik came there immediately and said “ ishani “ but stopped while looking at Aadvik.

Aadvik saw joshik so he immediately pulled ishani towards her and asked “ What do you want now? “

Ishani thought ” Looking at his anger for joshik, he definately knows that he is joshik but how? Oh okk he must have seen on my Instagram story.”

Joshik asked “ Ishani, are you married to him? “

Ishani said “ Yes, but its none of your business “

Joshik held Ishani's hand and said “ He is the one that kidnapped me. He is not a good person, don't trust him. He even tried  to negotiate with me”

Ishani jerked his hands and said “ What nonsense! You are lying on his face.” and added “ Why do you think I will trust you? “

Joshik said “ Ask him, If you don't trust me.”

Ishani looked at Aadvik and he replied “ It's not like you think. I told him to disappear right before your marriage, but..”
Ishani interrupted and asked in disbelief “ What? “

Joshik said “ I wasn't lying, Ishani. I told the truth. Each and everything.. Now you can believe me, right?” and added, “ We should talk.”

Aadvik said while coming closer to Ishani “ don't listen to him. He  definitely has other plans. I will explain everything. And i know he doesn't love you.“

Ishani said “ First tell me, did you really kidnapped him. So that he can't marry me?“

Aadvik replied “ I can explain. It's not like you think ishani.”

Ishani said “ Yes or no. Nothing more than that!”

Aadvik replied” yes i did but “

Ishani said ''Don't speak anything further. It's already enough” and added “ Mr. Mehta divorce paper would be sent to you. And I don't need your explanations.”

Aadvik said “ ishani, you are now angry. Think about it. “

Ishani leaves from there and starts walking while calling Tanvi and says “ I want you, i will send the address. Please be quick.”

Tanvi replied “ ok! I am coming. But what has happened. Why do you sound so serious?”
Ishani said " I will explain. For now i am really feeling very angry. I wont be able to control my anger."

Aadvik tried to get to her but Joshik came in front of Aadvik and said “ Don't you understand? She dont want…”

Aadvik pushed him and immediately went towards ishani and held her hands and said “ ishani, why don't you listen to me once? I know you might be shocked but that doesn't mean..”

ishani jerked his hands and said “ What do you want to explain, anymore? You just thought that you can control everything, Aadvik? Is everything so easy and simple for you? What about others and their feelings?“

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