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Her nani siad “ The moment i heard Aadvik talking on call with someone on your wedding day was enough for me to believe. As i did doubted joshik once ,but just when i took his phone and pick up he quickly came and took the phone and his look on his face was evident that he was hiding something, but i knew that you wont believe me without any proof.And i didn't knew exactly before.”

Ishani replied” You are still not sure, you just heard randomly and doubted without any real evidence.”

Nani said” Aadvik knows everything. If i explain you will not believe” and added “ Now your life is in your hands, if you picked the wrong guy. No one else would be responsible.”

Ishani said “ I dont believe you.”

Nani held her hands started pushing her towards the door and ishani asked in confusion “ Nani what are you doing? “

Her nani said “ unless and until you dont clear this with aadvik, dont step inside this house. I wont accept Joshik.”

Ishani went out side the house and she got a call, picked up and replied “ Fine, wait for me. I am coming.”

Tanvi was still there outside and came towards Ishani and asked “ Where are you going? What happened? “

Ishani replied “ Nothing. I have to meet… “
And Tanvi interrupted, “ What happened? Why is it bleeding.”

Ishani touched the area below her ears and looked at her hand and said “ It's just a bit, you scared me for a while.”

Tanvi asked “ but how did it happen? “
Ishani replied” Earrings.” And thought” Was it necessary nani, to exactly slap directly at my earrings, she must have done it on purpose so it hurts more.”

Tanvi said “ where are you lost? “

Ishani said” Lets go, I have to meet joshik.”

Tanvi asked “ why? “

Ishani replied '' He told me to meet. I don't know the reason.'”

Tanvi Said “ Okay, sit inside.”

Tanvi started texting immediately and then sat inside the car.

The moment they reached and Ishani came out she got shocked looking at Neel and Karan standing outside and Ishani rolled her eyes towards Tanvi and said” Now what's these? “

Tanvi replied” We need to talk.”

Ishani said “ First let me finish with the one who is waiting inside.”

Tanvi asked, “ We will come inside too.”
Ishani said “ No! I will go by myself.”

Neel said “ what if he does something to harm you, bhabhiji? “

Ishani replied” At Least from all the time, he is the one who gets scared easily and not that he can do something to me in front of so many people in a restaurant.”

Karan replied “ You still can't say.”

Ishani replied” . Then come inside when I call you all, but for now. I will talk to him.”

Ishani went inside and sat on the chair and asked “ What do you want to talk about? “

Joshik replied “ How are you ? “

Ishani replied” Better from two days before. “

Joshik asked “ About your marriage?”

Ishani replied” I will take divorce of course. “
Joshik said “ It's actually good. What about your future plans ? “
Ishani replied “ I haven't thought about it yet. What about you, are you seeing someone? “
Joshik replied” No, I am not. “ And added “ Should we start everything again ,by giving our relationship a second chance.”

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