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Hello, my hottipie's ❤️

DD's POV :

Harshil stopped his car.

Anika asked, " Why did you stop now?"

Harshil said while looking at her " I am not your driver, so come and sit forward." Anika replied, " You forced me to sit behind ."

Harshil said " I didn't force, it was because Neel was also going to come with us. But since he is not here with us now. You can sit forward."

Anika folded her arms and said " I won't." Harshil said " Don't be childish!"

Anika said in shock " You are the one who is behaving like a child. You told me to sit in back seat."

Harshil said " And I am the one, who is ordering you to sit forward."

Anika replied while looking out the window " I don't take anyone's orders. So it won't work with me. Better show this attitude to someone else."

Harshil said " I will ask you one last time, will you sit here or not?" while pointing towards the front passenger seat.

Anika said " No" without looking at him Harshil opened his car door and came out of the car.

Anika thought " What is he trying to do? She texts Neel " Where are you?"

Anika thought " How will he come now?."

Anika looked towards her left door when Harshil opened the door and she was confused.

Harshil said " Come out." Anika said while looking at the front " No, I wont."

Harshil said " Now I am warning you." Anika replied " I never fear from anyone. And you are my brothers' best friend - I am not a dumb that will believe your words."

Harshil picks her in his arms, Anika's eyes widened and she blushed thinking " I just wanted this from a long time. I never thought he would do it by himself."

Harshil closed the car's door with his feet. And said " Open the door" while looking in her eyes.

Anika thought " What's the rush?" and she wrapped her arms around his neck and said while smiling and looking in his eyes" I won't. Do you even know that when aadvik bhai will know about it."

Harshil replied " i wil let him know that his sister is utterly stubborn." and added " Anika, open it ."

Anika said " Fine but explain to me, what about Neel.. How could you leave my brother in the house itself?"

Harshil said " He is not a small kid. He will get his way there. "

Anika asked " How are you so sure? I wont tolerate if he can't come just because of you."

Harshil said " I will again go specially to bring him.. Are you fine with that?"

Anika said, " Promise me."

Harshil said " Okay I promise." Anika opened the door and he made her sit inside the car..

Anika checked her phone but still did not get any reply from neel.

Harshil started driving and asked " Aadvik had told, that you and Neel fight and argue a lot. Then how did you start caring so much about him now?"

Anika said " You wont understand if you are asking me this! " harshil gave a confused look and said " ok i dont need to undertood. "

Anika texted her friend " What should I do?" Her friend replied back " What happened?"

Anika replied " He calls me a little girl, but acts jealous, made my mom agree for this trip, even picked me in his arms. But I am confused about what he feels for me."

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