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Aadvik Pov :

Control Aadvik, Control yourself. I was breathing heavily. I cant let Ishani make more nervous. She was already much more nervous. If she see me in way it would create an akward situation between us.Take a few deep breaths.

Damn! This people gave this type of dress if I had known it I wouldn't.....
Instead I should have check it first. I thought it would be inappropriate.....

I should come back after taking a round till then maybe she should also be more calmer and my heartbeat would stop beating this fast too.

DD's Pov:

Ishani was laying on bed by her both hands covering on her face.

Ishani thought "I should get up before he comes." She got up and fixed her dress first.
Ishani started looking everywhere if she could get something that can make her coat on one place. She said to herself " How could I even expect something in this place."

Then Ishani remembered and said- " My hair clips which was on my hair before. Damn shit. How could I forget about it?"

Ishani immediately went towards the mirror table where she had kept those pins. Ishani tried to fix it with those pins. "But how to do these?" She said and added "This coat is too silky and it wont stay on one place as the pins got loose automatically. Its of no use."

Ishani grabbed her hair in frustration and said "my hair is wet too. Atleast they have a hair dryer."

Ishani went little left towards bed and her foot got onto something. She saw and bent towards to pick it up.

Ishani picked it up but before she sees it. A sound came of opening the door. She folded her right hand again covering her dress and turned her face behind . Aadvik came while looking at her which gave her shivers all over her body. Aadvik locked the door without turning or leaving his eye contact with her.

She realized that they both were looking at each other. So got nervous and immediately looked down on her left hand where she notices the thing she had on her hand. By looking at that her eyes got widened and it fell down from her hand.

Aadvik notices it and comes closer to pick it up. He looked at it confused and then throwed it in the dustbin.

He said " Your hair is still wet." Ishani replied " I know" He said " Let me help you"

Ishani replied " No need I would do it by myself". She went towards the mirror and took the hair dryer from one hand but she was not able to do it.

Aadvik came towards her trying to take her hair dryer. But she moved and said angrily without looking at him " I can do it."

Ishani was again trying to do.

Aadvik said " Since you are behaving this way lets discuss first."

Ishani didn't reply and even didn't looked at him.

Aadvik said " fine, don't look. But I will still say. Though you didn't say why you are angry at me. But I still know the reason and I would clarify it. This dress you are wearing I know it is uncomfortable for you but I didn't know they would give this type of dress. And it was my mistake that I didn't check it out before. And that condom I had thrown in dustbin I didn't even knew it was here. I was whole time with you at the time of booking our room. And even they had got this whole room decorated. It might be that they have misunderstood.And so in conclusion I just want to apologise to you for all these things."

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