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Dont think that i can explain it
What can i say? Its complicated
( Bad things by Camilla)


Tanvi choked on water and got terrified because Karan was looking at her sitting on the couch with only one lights on.

Tanvi keeps the glass back and said " why are you sitting like a ghost? You scared me for a second. "

Karan replied " I didn't even made a noise. Its your fault that you get scared so easily."

Tanvi replied " But what are you doing here?"

Karan said " ofcourse, I am not able to sleep."

Tanvi asked " But Why are you trying to sleep here, you can go to Neel or Harshil's room?"

Karan replied " I already told they are sleeping. I dont want to disturb them and i am comfortable here"

Tanvi went towards the couch where he was sitting and sat beside him. Karan asked " What are you doing now?"

Tanvi replied " I am also not able to sleep. Trying to know whats so comfortable over here for you."

Karan said " So you are thinking to make me go crazy tonight?"

Tanvi asked " What?"

Karan replied " I wonder how Bhabhi and you are bestfriends - both are completely opposite personalities."

Tanvi said rolling her eyes" You just want to argue with me, right?"

Karan replied " You were the one who started this."

Tanvi replied " I just came and sit here.You started the topic."

Karan said " the day when we met for first time, so you started everything."

Tanvi said " Then why were you misbehaving with my sister. She is a minor, same age as Anika. "

Karan looked at her with a frustrtated look " You are really crazy or stupid for sure. I infact helped her ,when her friends left her alone and some filfthy man were misbehaving. " and added " I was trying to help her considering her as a little sister and you think this rubbish."

Tanvi replied " How do I trust you?Do you even have any proof"

Karan replied " I don't care. I told the truth, now its on you whether you believe or not. Ask your sister"

Tanvi texted her sister and thought " How would she even remember about this. She was drunk for first time.But Maybe she could recall something."

Tanvi texted her sister to call her at morning.

Tanvi asked " Why no one lives in this house?"

Karan replied " It was my grandmother's and granfather's house. I often used to come here. But.." and he stops.

Tanvi asked " But what?"

Karan replied " Arguments happened and everyone in the family started living separately. And this way silence stayed on and two years later they both weren't alive anymore. I didn't had even a proper time at the end to spend time ."

Tanvi looked at him who looked quite serious first time for her.

Tanvi said " Its fine. Sometimes certain things happens for the best."

Karan asked angriliy " What's the best in this?"

Tanvi replied " Attachment."

Karan looked at her and she added " That two years were just teaching you detachment because you might not able to handle them suddenly leaving your life. God knows better than us."

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