Ishani In London

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Tanvi was sitting with other business members.

Tanvi thought “ It's so boring over here. They call this as a dinner gathering” And added “ Where did Karan go now ? “

Everyone started leaving and Tanvi smiled and thought “ I can leave too. “

Tanvi stood up and heard her name called by one of the business member who was sitting inside.

She went towards him and said “ Yes sir.”

When everyone left, He signaled the man to close the door and she looked behind when he started touching her hand 

Tanvi said while she steps backwards and jerked his hands “ What are you doing ?”

He forcefully pulled her towards her and tightly grabbed her hands.

Tanvi tried to push him but his hold tightened ,still she used her feet to kick on his chest which made his hold loosen and she quickly ran towards the door but it was closed from outside. She bangs on the door shouting “ open the door. “ 

Karan who was on call cut it and asked “ Who is inside ? “

The person standing there ,stuttered and said “ Sir has informed not to open until.he says .”

Karan said “ Open the door.” He didn't even move.


He walked towards Tanvi  and pushed her towards the table and that very moment the door opened and karan got shocked looking at Tanvi. 

Karan pulled him by his collar and punched him on his face making him fall on the ground.

He said furiously “ How dare you ! “

Karan replied “ I will make sure my collaboration with you ends. And your business will be ruined too. “

Karan held Tanvi's wrist and walked towards the outside and shoutes “ What's wrong with you? Can't you just slap him? when it was me ,you didn't even think for a second. “

Tanvi shouted back with anger “ So what do you expect from me? he had tightly grabbed my hands. I already kicked him once.”

Karan said “ Yes! I have seen how you kicked. No wonder if I was just a minute late then what could have happened .”

Tanvi said “ You know what! I don't want to work with you, you should have shouted at that filthy man but instead you are here venting your anger. “

And tanvi started walking towards her car murmuring” I can't believe, he is shouting at me for no reason. I am so done with all these. I cant anymore.“

Karan came towards her and grabbed her waist and she tried to move but when failed said “ What are you doing, leave ! “

Karan said “ I am sorry.” 

Tanvi looked at him in confusion

Karan said “ I was just disgusted by the fact that he did that to you. I shouldn't have vented my anger on you.”

Tanvi removed his hands and said “ Great! '' And added “ If you are done I have to go now. I don't want you to do something and then hear your apologies.”

Karan said holding her wrist “ Didnt you slapped me and then apologized? We are even “

Tanvi said” if you remember clearly then after i apologized, you wasn't even ready to talk to me, even when i texted for Ishani, only then  you have called me and again you started ignoring me after that. So you call this even ? “ and she jerked his hands and said “ It's good that we dont talk . You have started the silence and i will like to continue it”

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