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The cab stopped and Eliana said “ I will go “
Ishani whispered ” will she mind if i dont look at her ? “
Aadvik replied” Yes, she will.”

Ishani turned her face towards her and forced an awkward smile looking at her and then she left.

Ishani looked at Aadvik and asked “ Who is she ? “

He said “ First leave me. If you forgot you want divorce from me, then you shouldn't be interested about it.“

Ishani hides her face under his neck and tightly hugged him ,said “ I am sorry, i wont ever use this word. I will seriously forgot about the existence of this word. I know i misunderstood you and it was not your fault “

Aadvik said “ Leave your hands from me

Ishani wrapped her both legs around his legs again and said “ I wont leave. And i know you are uspet with me. You can remove your anger in whatever way you want. I am not going to leave you until forgive me.”.

Aadvik said “ I am not angry with you, now leave me.”

Ishani replied while she tighten her hold around his neck more “ You are lying, i wont. “

Aadvik said “ i am not lying, and we have reached home. So now leave your extremely cold hands and legs from me. “

Ishani said looking outside“ Oh, sorry ! “ And leaves him.

Ishani went behind him oustide the cab while stepped on his feet by mistakely and quickly said “ i am sorry. My legs and fingers are already feeling numb. I have really not done anything intentionally .”

Aadvik took her luggage inside his house and she said with a pout “ He chose luggage bag over me, while I am still shivering badly here.“
Ishani hugged herself tightly and her teeth again started chattering uncontrollably, she started walking slowly and Aadvik came towards her and picked her up in his arms Swiftly and entered inside the house.

Aadvik said “ If you are done looking at me, i will ask you something now. “

Ishani nodded.
Aadvik asked “ Why did you came in london, alone ? “
Ishani sneezed and said “ sorry! “ And added “ I came for you. “ again sneezed

Aadvik asked “ How did you know i am here? “

Ishani replied” Karan informed me about it“

Aadvik asked “ why didnt you call me then ? “

Ishani replied “ I didn't have your number, that you use in london. And when i have call , You were not picking up. “

Aadvik replied” I was at work. And Eliana is also one of the business collaborator.”

Ishani murmured with a pout “ So thats the reason i had to stand there for so long in cold. “

Aadvik said” What was so rush to come here, if you cant handle this cold? “

Ishani pouted and thought “ Because of you. And still you are showing me cold behaviour .“

He enters inside his bedroom and made her sit on his bed and cover her with blanket he was about to turn but she pulled him by his collar in sudden movement ,making him lean over her and she said “ First, let me clear everything. “

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