Never have I Ever

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" Tanvi is not picking up her call. Is she inside your house?" Ishani asked Karan.

Karan replied " Bhabhi, she went somewhere out for a phone call."

" She was talking with me and it's already been more than ten minutes. She should have returned yet" said Ishani. Karan replied " But she hasn't arrived yet. '' Ishani said in concern " What should we do? She is not picking up the call. "

Aadvik said " Calm down, we will find her."

Ishani said " Lets go separately and find her then"

Aadvik replied " No, already Tanvi is not here. We can't risk others. So we will go two people in one direction ." and continued by saying to Neel " you stay here and inform us if Tanvi returns."

Ishani started walking towards the left side of the house and Harshil whispered " Bhabhi cant go there or else she will know everything and the plan will be flopped."

Karan said " Bhabhi, you go with Aadvik. While Anika will go with Harshil. I know about this place so I won't forget the directions I will go alone."

Anika went towards Ishani by pushing her towards Aadvik and said " You both go at that side. I and Harshil will check on the roadways from where we all just came."

Anika showed thumbs up hiding behind her back to Harshil and Karan.

Karan started walking at the backside of the house quickly and said to himself " You are an idiot. I should never have let her go. what if something happens.. No, I will definitely find her! "


Tanvi said to herself " I need to purchase a new phone. This phone always gets me in trouble. Why don't I seem to remember the direction? What should I do now?"

Tanvi started walking straight and said in frustration " It should be right direction i think! ", she stopped and said in confusion " Proposal decoration? Who would have done here?" while walking forward, where her one slipper removes out and her bare foot contact with the ground "Aah!!!" she winced in pain. She lift her leg a bit as a small piece of tree prickle was stuck on her arch. She tried to lift her leg more to look properly.

Karan came from behind and said in annoyance " What are you doing here?"

Tanvi jumped in her place in fear and while turning towards him, she was almost falling while Karan grabbed her waist and tanvi clutched his shirt tightly.

Tanvi said " Are you mad or dumb?"

Karan asked " What do you prefer? Tanvi replied instantly in anger " Both!"

Karan said " Then both for you!" and thought " Why did I say that?"

Tanvi said in annoyance " I know it too. "And added " Now,Help me stand properly."

Karan asked, " You can't do that now by yourself?"

Tanvi pointed her finger towards her leg and said " Its already hurting. I won't be able to."

Karan smirked and Tanvi looked at him in confusion. Karan said " Let me take my revenge by making you fall down."

Tanvi's eyes widened. Karan said " Countdown starts now.. 3, 2, 1.."and the moment Karan loosened his hands from her waist.

Tanvi closed her eyes with fear evident on her face, the hold on his shirt tightened more. While Karan was enjoying it. But the moment Tanvi slowly opened her eyes and looked at him as his eyes were already at her with a smirk on his face, which made Tanvi understand that he tricked her and she became more frustrated and said " Do you want to get another slap on your face?"

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