Part 5 -First night with Bhabhi Ji

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Ishani : I don't need anything instead its just that I want to go out for some time.

Aadvik's Mom asked her : " Now. But where and why? Does Aadvik knows about it?"

Ishani replied : No, he don't know about it and Ishani thought in her mind that : " I don't even want him to know anything about me. Also I haven't yet not thought where to go but I do need some alone time and fresh air of nature."

Advik Mom replied : You cant go somewhere now beta.

Anika's Mom said to Ishani : She is right, Today you both have just married so you cant go now itself that too alone.

Ishani replied : I know you both are concerned about me, but I usually drive and go outside.

Anika looking at them thinking why are they all not agreeing instead of making a conclusion.

Aadvik's Mom replied : " You usually go, but you both have married today itself. So you should not go for now."
Ishani was going to speak .....

Aadvik came inside with his Dad and said : Mom ,I will go with her.

Aadvik's Mom replied angrily: What you will go, do you know the time?

Aadvik's Dad said: You mom is right. You both should go tomorrow morning instead.

Aadvik replied : " Dad, you also?"

Neel came and stand where Aadvik was ,and whispered teasingly : "You obviously seemed desperate to spent your first night my brother with Bhabhi ji"

Anika laughed standing near them slowly while trying to not let others know .

Aadvik said : Neel you take Ishani down towards car. I am coming.
Ishani and Neel left.

Aadvik : " Mom and Dad, you both don't have to worry about us. Especially I am with her." And added that she had been stressed after everything was so fast for her to process.

Aadvik's dad : " Fine, But Drive safely."

Aadvik smiles and replied: '' Thank you Dad"

Aadvik's Mom said : " since you both teamed up,you can go you have already decided but call us if anything in case. don't keep us worried "

Aadvik replied : " Ofcourse, Mom - Aapka hukum sir aakhon par"
(The translation : Your wish is my command)

Aadvik left.

Aadvik Mom asked to his Dad : " Why did you agree?"

He replied " I agreed beacuse They are not familiar with each other and they could spend time alone and get to know each other and be familiar with each other."

Aadvik Mom " They have much more time for it . Leave we have lot of work to do for preparing their other rasams."

(DD : Out of Aadvik house,the place where they are near the car)

Aadvik : "Give me the keys, Neel. And you leave now"

Neel teasingly replied whispering in his ears: " All the best for tonight."

Aadvik twist his ears and he shouted

Bhabhi Ji.

Aadvik left his hand from his ears when ishani turned around.

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