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Yeah, the blood-sucking creatures of the night that were meant to be fictional, vampires.

It had been a couple of days since Edward all but left Bella in the woods, alone, before the doorbell of the Burbank house rang. Billie hadn't heard from Bella since, her messages to the brunette remaining delivered with no response back, until she answered the door.

Bella looked worse for wear, practically begging to come inside to talk. Billie would never mention the catastrophic bags under her friends eyes aloud, merely guiding her to her room before running downstairs to grab some tea.

Billie's room was pure Billie. The sheer curtains were opened to let some of the September breeze in, magazines littered her desk on top of the math homework she was supposed to be doing, and the walls were painted a pale yellow. Bella thought she'd never seen as many pillows on someone's bed before, wondering to herself if her friend moved them when she slept or merely slept on top of them all.

Billie Burbank's presence alone was enough to command an entire room, and her bedroom was proof of that.

Returning with an extra cup of tea, the girls curled up in Billie's bed among the mountain of plush pillows, and that's when Bella revealed their secret. Safe to say the blonde hadn't believed her at first, but when the frustrated waterworks surfaced, she knew her friend was being serious.

A mind reader was one thing, but a full fledged family of vampires that had been living (well, not literally) right under their noses? Billie couldn't stop the grimace from phasing onto her face.

"You have all the right in the world to be upset, Bells," she started, her hand rubbing gentle circles on the brunette's back. She could practically feel the tremors of her body from being so distraught. "Vampy stuff aside, heartache will happen time and time again, and you sure as hell don't have to go through it alone."

Bella wanted to believe her, really, she did. But her mind was plagued with nothing but hurt, and she couldn't see the truth in her friend's statement.

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

As the months raged on, autumn turning to winter, Billie saw less and less of the Swan girl.

Her self-induced isolation was startling at first. It started with the girl opting to sit at the Cullens old table rather than their group's usual one, and then it only got worse. Bella would only answer her blonde friend's texts every once and a while, and whenever Billie tried to approach her at school or tried showing up at her house, she was always turned away. 

But Billie Burbank wasn't a damn quitter, especially when it came to her friends.

So as much as Jessica told her it'd be a waste of time, to let Bella stew in her obvious state of heart-wrenching depression, Billie didn't back down.

Every lunch she'd approach the girl, sometimes even opting to sit with her at the Cullens' table in silence. Sometimes she'd spark up a conversation that was really just Billie talking at her blank gaze, but she'd always walk away after squeezing the girl's shoulder; a touch she allowed— and that was a major win in the Burbank girl's book.

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