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The entire city of Volterra seemed to be on edge, the humans smelling something brewing in the air, stormy. Aro's mood casted a bleak atmosphere over the town that began three days ago, when the Guard had returned and Jane forced Felix to break the news.

Aro reminded others of the Cheshire Cat sometimes, speaking whimsically even when he was threatening someone. But when he was outright pissed, it was startling because unlike Caius who would scream and thrash and jeer when angered, Aro was the silent but deadly kind.

It didn't take a lot to piss him off ever since word broke that his mate was missing, snatched right from under the Cullens' noses. He'd torn Felix's arm clean off at the initial news, taking his frustration out on the vampire, and had even thrown a lower ranking coven member through the marble floor when he just looked his way.

Other than that, it was clear to anyone that he was plotting. Aro was cunning, it was why out of the three kings, everyone sought after him as their leader. He had half a mind to storm Washington himself and tear the Cullens limb from limb— had half a mind to make Bella and Edward watch, until it was their turn.

It was just as he'd told them: if even a single head of hair on her pretty little head was harmed, it was grounds for treason. Execution.

So, anyone could imagine his immense frustration at the fact that three days had passed and there was still no word from Demetri. It would be unwise to return empty handed, and Aro sincerely hoped the tracker knew that. Hell, he hoped that Jane knew there would be consequences.

"I'm sure there is a logical explanation for his delay, master," Jane tried, hands held together behind her rigid back, trying to be as diplomatic as possible in front of their leader.

His eye gave a subtle twitch, but Jane caught it with ease after being among the Volturi for so long. "Explanation?" he parroted back, rising from the throne he was seated upon. "I do not need explanations, what I need is—"

The grand doors opened loudly, and every vampire in the large room stood at attention at the sight that appeared before them.

Demetri was there in the entryway, a tense nod pointed in Aro's direction as he stood next to the blonde they'd been searching for. She seemed to be trailing behind him, stepping into his shadow when all the attention averted to her.

She was covered in dirt and blood that was definitely not her own, and was missing her shoes. Still, Aro knew for certain he'd never seen anyone as beautiful as Billie Burbank.

He forgot about the anger, the speech he'd prepared to growl in Jane's direction, as he all but sped up to the two. Demetri was wise enough to step to the side, revealing Billie in her full glory. Her ruby red eyes peered up at the significantly taller vampire, his hand migrating to her pale cheek as he inspected her.

"What have they done to you, piccola? Hm?" he asked rather softly, observing her twitchy nature and unfocused eyes. She just looked at him, eyes trying to refocus only to avert elsewhere, unfocused once again. He turned to Demetri, barking out a command. "Tell me what has happened."

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