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A puff of agitation slipped past her lips when she rose to her feet once more, meeting her swift opponent head on once more.

"I don't do well with an audience, Demetri."

Her opponent in question merely looked around the room, suddenly becoming aware that a group of lower ranking Volturi members had infiltrated the grand room to watch the training session at hand. It seemed like everyone wanted to see their king's mate in action, like she was some sort of spectacle.

Demetri clapped his hands together twice, and it got the rest of the vampires that had gathered to stir slightly before they left the room in a single-filed line.

"Thanks," Billie said with a tense grin, steeling herself with her fists curled in front of her. "Should we go again?"

The pair had been training tirelessly for the last few hours, their cloaks shrugged away in the corner which left them in more casual attire that was more appropriate for what they were doing.

"Perhaps a break will suffice, now," he noted, and his own fighting stance loosened significantly as he made his way towards her.

"But I'm not tired," she complained, a pout morphing onto his lips.

He chuckled as he shook his head. "I know that," he began, "but it's no use training with you when you are frustrated. You need to calm down if you wish to retain anything I've taught you."

A hum that didn't belong to neither party reverberated throughout the room, and the two vampires turned sharply to see the new presence that entered the vicinity.

Demetri gave the bearded man a bow of his head, his posture straightening even more so than Billie even thought was possible. She, on the other hand, gave the man a wild smile and a larger wave of her hand at the sight of him.

"He's right," Aro stated, walking further into the room. The man's head bowed deeply in Billie's direction, and neither noticed how Demetri almost choked on his own tongue at the notion. "When you are focused on your agitated, your vigilance will falter as a result. On the battlefield, one cannot afford to be distracted."

Ever since their talk a few days ago, Aro had given her certain conditions that she had to obey by if she actually wanted to join them in defeating the Cullens. One of such conditions was to train amongst the Guard, because she would be of no use to anyone if she couldn't fight back should she be attacked. Though secretly, Billie hoped it wouldn't come to that, and that she wouldn't end up needing the self defence tips that Demetri and Felix had been giving out.

"Noted," she responded, taking his words into account with a nod. She turned to Demetri. "Can we try again now?"

Demetri went to answer when Aro silenced him with a singular raised hand. "Why don't you show me what you've learnt thus far, amore?" he proposed, and judging from the way he was already relieving the tracker of his duties, she figured he was set in this plan of his.

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