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The months raged on, and though there was no sign of Billie Burbank, Seattle PD managed to identify the deceased remains of Vincent Matthews and Kate Caldwell in an abandoned warehouse within the old distillery district.

The Burbank girl's DNA was all over the crime scene before a trail of bloodied footprints vanished suddenly, without a trace. Not only that, but footage from the hotel put Vincent and Kate as prime suspects in her initial kidnapping, though it only brought about the first theory; had an unknown, third party taken Billie the second time?

The first time Katherine heard the other theory, the one where Billie killed her kidnappers herself and was now in hiding because of the crime she commit, she had almost punched a Seattle officer in his nose. But, because Charlie Swan had taken the lead on holding her thrashing body back, she settled on spewing more than colourful insults.

"What kind of name is Weatherbee, anyways?! It sounds like you should be a damn school principal, much less a senior detective!" she seethed, curling her fist and shaking it in the air. "When I get my hands on your superior's email, you'll wish you were never born!"

She had to be escorted out of the Forks police station by the Chief himself. Some detectives from Seattle had been shipped over to analyze the scene at the Davidsons residence, thus using the small station as their temporary headquarters. The case of Billie's disappearance was at the epicentre of what had been going on, it seemed, and it had taken three detectives and a retired crime scene investigator to even figure out how to decode the clue board Vincent and Kate established.

Based on their findings, it seemed as though their reasoning for taking Billie was rooted in bullshit folklore tales— their words, really. They thought she was some key in discovering the secret in turning into a vampire... and boy, had the four professionals at the scene had a good laugh about that afterward.

But Katherine Burbank heard their findings and didn't laugh like the others did, no. Instead, she went home, changed into her pinstripe suit that meant business, got into her car, and drove straight to the Cullen residence.

After all, nobody simply moved to Forks without Katherine doing extensive background checks of them.

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

"Katherine— to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Cut the shit, Carlisle. Did a vampire take my kid or not?"

She wished she would've captured a picture of Carlisle's face at that moment, because his calm facade dropped into one of minor panic for just a second, before it was schooled into nonchalance.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean," he tried to cover up, though his grip on the front door's handle tightened with a subtle creaking noise.

Katherine rolled her eyes, shoving past him and entering the home with determination in her stride. "You and your family know exactly what I mean," she snapped, pointing an accusatory finger in his direction. It faltered when she heard footsteps from behind her approach, and decided to take a more calmer approach. "My kid is missing, Carlisle. If you know something, you have to tell me. Please."

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