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Vincent Matthews was waving at her from his own spot lingering beside his car, and Billie all but blanched. She'd seen him out there, presumably on his way to work, and assumed he had undoubtably seen her too— but this had been the first time he actually acknowledged her.

She waved a small, tentative wave back before she opened her car door. Again, her name being called, yet this time it sounded closer than before. Looking up from the door, she saw her father walking towards her from the Davidsons old house with a briefcase.

"Hey, kiddo," he smiled easily, and Billie's grip on the door handle tightened.

Though, she tossed him a tight-lipped smile. "Good morning," she said politely, and the backpack felt extremely heavy all of the sudden.

"Morning," he repeated before shaking his head a little. "So, where you headed off to?"

Her eyebrows furrowed, gesturing to her backpack that was slung across her shoulder. "Uh— school?" she answered with a questioning tone, "it's Wednesday... so I've got school."

"Oh," he said in minute surprise, letting out a chuckle. "Yeah, that's right. Have you started touring any colleges yet?"

The blonde swallowed around air, shaking her head. "Not yet," she answered honestly.

"I see..." he hummed, almost in contemplation. "I have a few higher-up contacts at Seattle U, I'm sure I could set up a meeting if you—"

"I really have to get going," she interrupted, a faint grimace on her face. "I hate being late, for anything but especially for school, so..."

He smiled down at her. "Your mother was the same when we were in high school," he told her, and Billie wished Katherine hadn't gone into work early and could save her from this painful conversation. "We'll talk soon, yeah?"

"Sure," she nodded, already putting a foot into the vehicle. "Bye."

"Bye, Mina," he said, before he was jogging back to the other side of the street towards his car.

Sitting in her own car, though, Billie watched him drive away in her rear view mirror. In each and every one of the occasional birthday cards he sent her way over the years, he had always addressed her as Mina— and here he was, doing the same thing and offering her an in at the same university her mother attended, while acting like he was somehow better than Katherine.

It was almost like a slap to the face, and he might as well have said I don't like the name Billie, and your mother is beneath me instead. The whole ordeal happening this early in the morning, before eight AM, made her nauseous.

After she switched on the ignition, she held her stomach for a moment and breathed through her nose, hoping she could power through the day without any more hiccups.

˚ʚ ❀ ɞ˚

"Michael, will you please stop scribbling on the poor girl's rough draft?"

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