Chapter 2

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"Get the fuck up, lazy bitch!" I screamed, shooting straight up. My hand went straight forward, hitting someone's nose. Hard.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" I screamed whilst Austin shrieked out, blood squirting out from his nose. "Shut up!" I shouted at Liam as he started chuckling. A few moments later, all the annoyance washed out off me and I was joining in with Liam laughing at Austins' ... misfortune.

"LIAM! You're meant to help me! You're my mate! Punch her ugly face! Beat the crap out of her!" Austin whined.

"I would, but it's Alessandra babe, our best friend and a girl who's stronger than both of us put together! And plus, I don't wanna end up like you." Liam chuckled out. "But here baby. You'll heal in a minute." He handed his mate some tissues, pressing them onto his bleeding nose.

"Let's go." I shouted out, ready to get out of the stuffy backseat of Liam's crappy jeep.

"No, I can't go now, I'm still bleeding. I'm the alpha's son, I can't just go in with blood dripping from my nose. And from a girl too!" Austin whined, his eyes widening when he realised what he said. Too late, I was already pouncing on him. Not the sexual one.

"What's wrong with being hit by a girl? Huh? You're jealous, of all of this." My legs were on each side of his hips, my arms around his neck. When I said those last words, I gestured to my body, not the best move, because he grabbed my arms and pinned them down. With his bloody hands. I pouted before slamming my head forward, connecting it to his nose.

Oh god the pain! Whose nose is that hard? Oh shit, well that backfired. Now we were both in pain, me with a bruising forehead and him with, probably, a broken nose.

"Seriously guys? In my baby?" Liam said from outside. "Just hurry up guys, our parents are gonna be mad."

"Since when do you give a shit about what our parents think?" I snorted as I walked out of the jeep's door, high-fiving Austin and giggling. Liam's glare shut me up.

"We are at the castle. Act like adults for once guys!" Liam snapped, throwing our bags at us.

That's when I had an oh yeah moment! I looked around and literally drooled at the sight of the MASSIVE castle in front of me. Oh my gosh, if Prince Cayden doesn't find his mate today, I'll volunteer as tribute! I mean, look at this place! How big were the training grounds?!

"I'm sorry baby," Austin said, wrapping his arms around Liam's waist, a sum parties look in his face," You can punish me tonight." He winked at Liam before pulling out of his embrace and laughing like a mad man.

"Oh shit. Liam, whilst I was asleep, did you let Austin drink coffee?" I asked him, watching as Austin twirled around in circles.

"Only a sip!" Liam defended himself, throwing his arms up.

"Look what you did! You created a monster!" I hissed at him, catching Austin's arm before he fell into a group of passing kids.

"Well technically... his parents did." He smirked in amusement. I snorted.

"ALESSANDRA THERE  YOU ARE!" I winced at the sound of my half-sister, Sophia.

"And speaking of monsters..." I trailed off and faced Sophia with a fake smile. "Hello, dear sister. I haven't seen you in so long. How was Jeremy's dick?" I asked, holding in my laughter. Austin didn't have much luck, bursting into laughter and leaning onto my shoulder. Oh well, he was high in caffeine.

Jeremy Ryans was my sister's... how do you put this? Flavour of the month. Well, in her case, flavour of the week.

"You were meant to be inside 10 minutes ago! Mother and Father sent me to look for you, shame you're here. Alive." She smiled sarcastically before turning to Liam, who was now holding Austin in a piggybank, "What's wrong with him?" She was talking about Austin who now had drool dripping down his jaw and onto Liam's shoulder.

"He had coffee. Anyways, why don't you waddle back and maybe go and find some guards to fuck." I flipped her the bird and watched as she walked away, right after flicking her long, silky hair into my face.

I should've cut the entire thing off 7 years ago. Ah, I still remember that day. Waking up to her screeching and seeing her jaggedly hair. Those good days, (mentally wipes away a tear).

"I hate her." I sighed, shaking my head.

"We all know that, let's just get my crazy mate inside without anyone noticing!" Liam said.

"Well my parents are looking for me, so just find your room, and put him down. Quietly!" I spoke grinning at the look on his face. "Bye!" I waved and ran off, carrying my suitcase above my head. Oh great, now I probably looked like the mad person.

I slowed down when I realised that there were a lot of other people here, some of them staring at me. I smiled sheepishly, before putting my suitcase down and looking around.

I didn't really recognise anyone, but then again, most alphas were probably all inside, or checking out the training grounds. Hmmm.... remind me to do that.

"JAYDEN!" I shrieked my brother's name out when I saw him. Poor guy jumped and looked around, kinda like a bug.

"Alice? Finally! Hurry the fuck up, Alpha Brian is showing off to the other alphas!" He said, grabbing my bag and dragging me along.

Why is everyone man-handling me?

All the alphas do this. They just show off their fighters, their women and their money, trying to see if they're better. And - ohhhh, these floors are so white! How are they so clean? And look at that chandelier! It looks fricking gold and crystal! And these windows! They're huge! Man, when we leave, I'm definitely gonna take something back as a souvenir! Heeheehee.

"Ah, here is Alessandra Jones, one of my strongest fighters." Huh? We were here already? Anywho...

"Hello." I smiled at the alpha standing opposite us. Who was he again?

"Hmmm, I've heard of you." His ugly, beady eyes examined me head to toe. Oh great, another judgy alpha.

This is gonna be a long week! And the ball is only tomorrow night!

Hey guys, thanks for reading! Will get better, Alessandra is gonna meet some interesting people! I've noticed that some people aren't voting so... Please:


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