Chapter 17

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Seriously! In this huge fucking library there's no books about powers or anything related to that! There's only shit about werewolf history, past wars, humans and actual reading books. I learnt shit like this in school!

Oh wait. What if there is stuff about powers but they're in a hidden part, kinda like the restricted section from Harry Potter! Man, I'm the biggest Potterhead in the universe!

Who's with me! Dibs on Draco!

Anyways... I did see a door on the other side, so far away though! Urgh, I was desperate though. Or I could just ask someone.... but then they'll ask so many questions!

I put down the book about werewolves and slid down the ladder. Yes, this library was so big, they had sliding ladders!

I trudged over to the door, taking my time..... and I finally got there.

But I see bad luck kept on following me around. You see, I just thought, I'll just unlock the door with a bobby-pin,  now that I look at the door, I need one of those electric card thingies. And I definitely don't have one of those.

I put my hand in the doorknob, twisting it left and right, when that didn't budge, I was actually planning to kick down the door.

"What are you doing here? It says forbidden!" I turned around to see the librarian lady standing in front of me, pointing to something above my head. I craned my head up to see the word 'FORBIDDEN'.

"Why is everything in this huge castle fucking forbidden?" I screamed out, ignoring the shhh's that followed my screams.

"Well actually, I have the card to the door, it's right in my pocket, and you'll never get it!" She whisper-shouted at me, patting her pocket.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, it's just troubles with my mate and I'm so bored and everyone hates me!" I faked cried, falling into her shoulder.

This had better work!


And yes it did!

I was now in the room ,a dark dark room filled with shelves and a few tables. And the funny thing was, the shelves were only half full!

I pulled a face at a spiderweb in the corner of the room, as I walked around, frowning at some of the book labels. I'm pretty sure they were in different languages, or I just had a limited word knowledge.

Wait a moment, 'Witches and their Powers'?! I though witches were extinct!

Oh my god, these people were so dumb! If someone did manage to break in, they would easily find their information. I mean these book titles! 'Moon Goddess mates', 'Curses'.

I mean siriusly? Did you get that!

I pulled out the witches and their powers book, coughing when a load of dust flew into my face.

I opened it silently, onto a random page and my mouth fell open and my eyes widened.

What the fuck!

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