Chapter 4

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"What are you stupid or something? Who the fuck are you?" He asked, his grip tightening on my neck.

I opened my mouth to speak but just ended up spluttering, I gestured to his hands desperately and gasped when he did. "Holy shit! Oh, right, I'm Alessandra Jones from Darkmoon." I said, right before flipping us over so my hands held him down.

Surprise flitted into his eyes before he spoke, "I've heard of you, the amazing warrior, one of the strongest." He spoke, a smirk on hid face.

"Really? I know I'm amazing, but even a prince knows me! Wow!" I spoke, grinning.

"And arrogant too." He spoke, chuckling a bit. "You wanna get off of me?"

"Oh yeah." I laughed before I quickly got up, giving him my hand.

"I'm sure all visitors were told not to come in the West Wing, why are you here?" He asked.

"Technically, we're still by the door, and I'm not the one for rules." I smirked, as he laughed.

"Well then, since you're already in here, you want a tour?" I nodded eagerly. "Well guess what, you aren't getting one. I have lots to do, nice to meet you Alexandra, see you at the ball."

My mouth fell open when he pushed me out and slammed the door in my face. "It's Alessandra!" I screamed out, sighing heavily when I heard him laugh.

Stupid cocky prince.


"Stop eating fatty." Austin hissed at me, elbowing me on my side.

We were at the ball now, the mated werewolves dancing whilst the unmated just stood on the sidelines, watching. All alone.

Well Austin and Liam were the exceptions.

"Just taste this." I didn't wait for a reply and just shoved the food into his mouth. I didn't even know what it was, it just tasted great!

"Holy shit, this is great!" He whispered, taking a fork and stealing my food.

"Why are you whispering?" I laughed aloud. "Ohhhh... thanks." I grabbed a cocktail from Liam, quickly drinking it. Yes! It had alcohol in it!

"I love you Liam." I smiled at him, fluttering my eyes.

"Yeah yeah. Hopefully you'll find your mate so we can get rid of you!" Liam said, rolling his green eyes. "The Royals will be out soon, get ready to go up." I just nodded, turning back to the food table.

Basically, the Royals come out and they call out all the packs, and in alphabetical order, they all basically introduce themselves to the Royals. There were five of them, unless there were some secret children. There was the King, his Queen and their three children, two boys and one girl. I've already met one of five, I hope they aren't all cocky bastards.

I stood by the food table, taking and eating more whilst talking to my wonderful best friends when silence went through the hall, the Royals were here.

"Please welcome, his majesty King Herald, her majesty Queen Isabella, Princes Cayden and Dakota and Princess Robyn!" Some guy announced and we all clapped as they walked in. And boy do I see where Cayden got his good looks.

And holy fucking shit, if I thought Cayden was hot, look at his brother! He was basically perfect! Was he a God!?

I watched as they all sat down gracefully, Prince Dakota with a stone-cold look on his face, yet I could still see that he was bored.

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