Chapter 15

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"I hate you." I whispered, trying to control my tears but failing as I felt one trail down my cheek.

"No baby, you don't. She came onto me." Dakota said, grabbing onto my arms and trying to make me feel better.

"That may be true, but you didn't even try to push her away, you kissed her back, you fucking jerk!" I screamed out, my sadness disappearing into anger.

Just as I pushed him away, I felt power surge through me and soon Dakota was flying back away from me, crashing into the wall opposite me.

I heard Maria scream as Dakota struggled to sit up, wiping away the blood from his nose, whilst staring at me in shock.

"I'm so sorry. Oh my god, I have to go." I said, now crying once again.

What was happening to me?

I didn't stop as I ran out, pushing Maria out of the way and just running. I didn't stop when Dakota shouted out my name and I didn't even stop when I pushed other pack members out of my way.

I didn't stop as I shifted quickly, running straight into the woods.

I heard thunder rumble above me but I ignored it, ignoring the pelting rain too. The wind was howling heavily, and I dodged a falling tree, hearing it fall behind me just as I ran past it.

This is all my fault. Why didn't I just listen to my dad!

I finally stopped when I reached the Royal borders, seeing guards racing towards me, probably thinking that I was a rogue. I didn't think as I jumped down the ledge, officially off the the Royal pack land.

I stopped once more as I reached some kind of meadow, the sky dark and the flowers flattened by the rain. I collapsed on the ground, whimpers leaving my mouth as my body shook.

"Well well well, hello Alessandra." I heard a familiar voice, making me turn around and growl and the person. I knew exactly who it was, a man who I hadn't seen in years.


I growled warningly as he stepped forward. I jumped back when a lightning hit just in front of him, making me startle but him stand still.

"Very good, you're getting your powers. I'll see you soon, filia mi." I growled when he called me some unknown words. He only smirked before disappearing back into the shadows.

Oh great, first my mate cheats on me and now I have a creep after me speaking god knows what. And what did he mean by powers?

Huh, at least he distracted me enough to stop crying.

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