Chapter 31

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"Where the fuck is my daughter?" Alessandra's dad yelled out, pushing me back by my shoulders.

"I don't know! We were talking and then she probably walked off!" I yelled back, not even in the mood to argue with him, or anyone in that matter

"What do you mean probably? How can you not know if she walked off or not!" He growled back, his eyes darkening in anger as his wolf side nearly took over.

"It was night time! She was sitting away from me, one minute she was there and then she was not!" I growled back, I could feel my eyes turning and I growled back at him.

"Guys, just stop arguing! Alessandra is fucking missing and you guys are just fighting like kids! We don't know where she is! She could be missing, maybe even dead! Oh my god! What are we going to do!" Austin yelled out, his voice turning from anger to worry.

"Wait a minute! Alessandra is missing! My fucking mate, is missing!" I roared out.

"Oh just wait a minute dear. She's only been gone for a few hours, doesn't mean that she's dead or anything. Let's all just calm down." Hattie said, stepping forward and giving us a calming smile.

Yet, why did she sound so fucking suspicious?

"No, I'm not going to fucking calm down. I'm going to go and find my mate. Anyone with a brain and common sense will try and help me." I said, storming off.

If Alessandra went missing/ran off when I was telling her about my curse, then who else heard about it?

Hey guys! How you guys liking this story? I'm kinda running out of ideas, maybe gonna stop writing this book. Maybe, a few more chapters and the book would end. Lots of revelations. Please COMMENT&VOTE!!!!!

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