Chapter 21

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"Aust- oh my god!" I cut off with a shriek when I realised what I had walked into, amd quickly covered my eyes.

Liam and Austin were both naked, and were both kissing and- argh, I don't even wanna talk about what they were doing and what position they were in.

"Shit, sorry Alice." Liam said, even though his voice held no apology. I heard a bit of rustling before I heard him speak again, "You can open your eyes now."

"This is how many times! The hundreth?!" I shrieked out, staring at both the men, glaring at their stupid, smirking faces.

"Don't exaggerate, it's only been like two or three times." Austin said, ruffling his hair and rolling his eyes at me playfully.

"Why am I friends with you two?" I sighed out rhetorically.

"Um, because no one else can tolerate your bitchy personality, no one else likes you, oh, and you hate people." Austin listed out.

"Actually, I think of myself to have sarcasm, and what you talking about, people love me! And actually, I can tolerate people. And plus, Clara is my friend." I defended myself.

"Really? You have one conversation together and suddenly you're best friends?" Liam said, crossing his arms and rising his eyebrows.

"Yes. And I'm gonna go and find my new best friend. You two go back to humping like rabbits." I said, waving my hands, and walking backwards to the door.

"Good. Bye!" Liam said, grabbing onto Austin, and the last thing I saw before I closed the door was them two kissing.

I sighed. Might as well go and find Clara.


"Have you seen a beautiful blonde? Greeny eyes and tanned skin, about this tall." I asked some random stranger, gesturing to my height.

"Yes actually, just saw her go right at that corridor with Prince Cayden, you know apparently they're mates. But then again, she was just hanging off of Xavier. What a slut! But hey, she's beautiful and easy, maybe I'll have a go next."

I glared at the guy, holding in the words I actually wanted to say. "You shut up. Clara is an amazingly kind person, and not at all a slut, and actually Xavier and her are just friends, coz Cayden and her are actually mates. What would he think about you badmouthing the future queen?" I asked the guy, smirking when he paled. "Exactly."

I left the guy and walked into the directions he had just told me, opening and closing the doors, trying to find her.

"Holy shit, why is everyone fucking everywhere!" I shrieked out, once I saw Cayden and Clara kissing against the wall.

I shut the door I just opened and quickly walked away. Man, why was everyone having sex around me and I'm still here.

Now I just want to have Dakota! Oh fuck, I'm in heat.

Oh wait, no I'm not, I don't feel a burning sensation. Oh shit, spoke to soon. And right at that moment I felt a searing pain on my lower region, making me fall to the ground groaning.

Seriously, where was Dakota!?!?

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