Chapter 39

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I felt like I was floating. It was quiet around me, wait, no it wasn't. I could hear voices, unfamiliar voices. And an annoying beeping.

Argh!! What happened last? Oh yeah, a red and blue light. And then falling. And then the sky. Hmm... what's up? The sky.

I felt like I was frozen. I could think, but I didn't know what was happening. Was I in a hospital?

Oh shit!! I'm dead! Oh my god, we're all dead! And here I am talking to myself.

Am I in hell?

And Dakota! He never told me what happened to him. Well he did, but I got kidnapped.

Why did I come here? I should've just stayed at home.

I had a bad feeling about this. Was Liam or Austin dead too? My dad, Dakota? Sophia?

Those other stupid princes who I can't remember. Eh, they're not that important.

Stupid ball. All it's fault.

I could be at home right now. But then it would've been easier for Victor to find me. Oh shit! This world is ruined! Next, people will be telling me that fairies were real! Why not? Werewolves and Witches and Humans? Why not Fairies? Unless they are evil.

My finger twitched and the voices became more clearer to me. It was Dakota! He was alive! Or dead.

I felt my eyes open, and I was staring at a white ceiling.

My eyes fluttered for a while, adjusting to the bright light before I got up. Wait, bright light? Hell was bright? Maybe it was the fire. Nope, can't be, it's white.

"Dakota! Thank good you're here with me!" I croaked out, stumbling off the bed and collapsing on the ground. Right by someone's feet. "Help me!"

I hit the foot when I realised that no one was helping me, but then I shrieked when my hand just hit the foot and bounced off. Still no one helped me.

I groaned and pushed myself off the floor and stood up, glaring at the people around me, my eyes widening when I realised where I was.

I was standing next to Dakota and a few other people. Staring at my body laying on a bed.

"What the fuck?"

Was I the only one who died? Hmm.. I am happy, but come on! I have no friends here!

"Alessandra." I twirled around to meet the person who said my name aloud.

It was an old lady. A very old lady. One with wrinkles, grey hair and wearing weird clothes. If we were a cult or something, she looked like she'd probably be the crazy lady.

"You have to help me! You look crazy, but crazy's good! I'm also crazy! I'm stuck here! If I'm dead, I don't wanna be in a hospital forever!"

I cries out, clinging onto the lady's dress.

She just laughed.

"Of course you're crazy. You're my granddaughter." I stared gobsmacked. "You're not dead darling, you're just stuck on the other side. You're in between death and life. But don't worry, it's your choice." She replied, and that's when I saw the resemblance.

We both had dark skin and frizzy hair. And the same eyes. That's all I saw.

"How do I know that you're real?" I cried out, flinging myself back, crashing into a bedside cupboard but bouncing off it.

I stares at her hard, trying to use my powers but she just smirked.

"You're nowhere yet darling. You can only use your powers when you're in the right stage. You're alive and belong on earth. I am dead and belong to heaven, but they allowed me to come and talk to you." She looked up." We only have two minutes darling, let's make this quick."

"I was wrong. I'm not crazy, you are!" I shrieked, making my 'grandma' cringe.

What is happening lately? I find my real dad, then my mum and now my grandma, on the other side. If that's real.

"Wait! This is kind of like The Vampire Diaries!" I said excitedly

"I have no idea what that is, but listen closely." The old lady stepped closer to me." We only have one minute, and the you're gonna wake up. You will have no memory of this, but you will when we meet again in heaven."

She finished and it was silent for a while.

"That's it? I'm having this weird, once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm meeting my so called grandmother, and all you say is that!"

"You sure have a throat on you. Like your mother." She smiled at me gently. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but we will meet again. You should stop acting so reckless, your end time is nearing. But not before you have kids and grandkids with that hot hunk you call a mate. He's a very wise choice for you, even though the spell was put on him, by us." The scene blurred and she looked back at me. "See you soon, granddaughter. We'll rise hell in heaven."

I gasped with breath as I shot up.


Hands were touching me and pulling my arms. My hair was stroked and my mouth was pulled apart.

"Get the fuck off me!" I yelled, my voice all croaky as I tried pushing the hands away.

"That's our Alessandra. She sure seems fine." I looked up and was suddenly squished into a hug by Dakota. "I love you." He murmured in my ear, giving me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

"What happened?" I states, after receiving a kiss on the cheek from him.

"You saved us all, that's what happened! And killed that dickwad!" Austin yelled out excitedly, a bandage around his left arm.

Liam smacked his head hard, and we all laughed.

I looked around the room, seeing my family and friends. I smiled a happy smile and leaned against Dakota's chest, snuggling my head into his neck.

This was perfect.

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