Chapter 11

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"Can you please pass the bacon?" I asked, trying to be as polite as I could. You see, I was having breakfast with the Royals, obviously including Cayden, Xavier and Dakota. The worst thing was, none of my family were there. And Dakota wasn't even here yet. He just left me alone!

Clara came forward, holding out the plate of bacon, yes, she was a servant here. And no, I don't think any differently of her. Except she's a little whore. Not in a bad way, a good way! When I saw her pour Cayden's juice into his glass, his hand went up her dress. As soon as I had seen that, I made eye contact with her, wiggling my eyebrows and smirking when she started blushing.

"So Alessandra, why do you think you're good enough for my brother?" Robyn asked, her voice all snobby. Even though she was beautiful, she had a bitchy personality, maybe because she hung around with Maria.

"I don't think I'm good enough, but I'm trying. He should be glad he's got me, I'm a total catch!" I said, narrowing my eyes at her and giving her a fake, sweet smile.

"More like she's too good for me." We all looked up to see Dakota walking in, his hair wet from the shower. He took the seat next to me, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning son." Herald said to him, a nervous smile on his face. Dakota just nodded back, waving over the servants.

The conversation started up again as Dakota started eating. Man I felt like a pig next to him; he only had 2 bacon strips and 3 sausages, I had 4 bacon strips, 5 sausages and about 9 pancakes!

"I had fun last night. Well, until your dad came in." He whispered into my ear as I choked on my pancakes when I felt a large hand on my knee, trailing up and under my dress, making me whimper quietly.

He was right though, I too also had fun until my dad came in. Yes, he interrupted us.

Dakota moved down to my chest, one of his hands massaging it whilst another held both my hands up. I could feel the warmth spreading between my thighs!

I whimpered, my hips slamming upwards and connecting with his. I yanked my hands out of his grip, moving them up to his neck. I pulled away, panting heavily, before I reached down and ripped his shirt, Dakota giving an approving growl.

My hands fiddled with his sweatpants, pushing them down with his help. I wanted him now!

I flipped us over, connecting our lips into a messy kiss whilst my hips grinded into his.

Just as I was about to pull down his boxers, the door opened. At first I thought it was Sophia, but then I looked up. "Dad! What are you doing?" I yelled out, using Dakota as a human shield.

"No, what are you doing?" He yelled out, glaring at us both.

"Well we were having fun before you decided to come in!" I told him, quickly slipping behind the bed covers whilst Dakota got into his sweatpants and stood from the bed.

"You're my daughter! You're never ever ever gonna have sex whilst I'm still alive, and darling, I'll be alive for another 100 years just to make sure!" He yelled out. "You, get outta her! I don't wanna see you near my daughter again!" He shouted at my mate, completely forgetting that he's a prince, a man with a higher status then him.

"She's my mate." Dakota growled out, his voice full of power.

"Well then, get out so I can talk to my daughter!"

Dakota didn't even bother to argue back, giving me a kiss, growling when my dad growled. "See you later." He gave me one final kiss before leaving the room, nodding in respect to my dad.

Flashback over

After he had left, my dad gave me a long ass speech about sex. About protection and the pain. Then said he was too young for grandkids. He also said that he'll make sure he lives longer then me to make sure I stay a virgin forever. And that he'll interrupt us anytime it gets more than kissing.

"Maria looked much better with you." Robyn said, breaking us away.

"Shut up Robyn." Xavier snapped glaring at her.

"Why don't you? You can't shout at me, you'll go to prison." She said staring across to him. Even though her face was guarded, I could still see the anger, longing, guilt and sadness behind her eyes. Were they mates? I looked over at Xavier, who had the same looks in his eyes. Yes they were mates.

Wait a moment, he literally just fucked my sister? Oh shit, he's a player! Or I was right, and he has commitment issues, but then again, having a mate like Robyn.....

"Oh just shut the fuck up, you slutty bitch!" Xavier shouted out, earning the attention from his parents and Herald and Isabella.

"Xavier! Leave the table at once!" His mum shouted out, her eyes showing shock and disgust at her son's behaviour.

"Gladly." He spat out, pushing himself up and walking away. Cayden soon got up and went after his best friend, followed after me then Dakota.

What the fuck was happening here!?

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