Chapter 20

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"Wait, what?" He said, his eyebrows raised with curiosity and shock. "Babe, I love you and all, but there's no way you're a witch. We've all seen you shift and you aren't evil."

"I was just in the woods when some guy came out of nowhere and said something about getting my powers and then said something." I told him, placing a hand on his arm to try and calm him down when an angered look on his face came.

"What did he say?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I don't know, I forgot. It definitely wasn't in Spanish or French, I took lessons in school. Maybe it's Latin or something, it sounded kinda like Spanish." I told him.

"Ok, let's just say that the guy was right, how would we know? And what 'powers' did you show?" He asked me, pulling me along as we started walking down the empty corridors.

"Well... I was upset and it started raining a lot, and then lightning streaked." I explained, stopping when he stopped.

"Well, get upset so we can see." Dakota said, folding his muscular arms in front of his beautiful chest.

"I'm not some kind of freaky robot that can just switch emotions just like that!" I said, clicking my fingers in front of his face.

But still, that seemed like a good idea. What made me upset and angry last time? Seeing Dakota with some random slut. Well, we certainly aren't getting some whore here to kiss him, I would rip her head off. No jokes. Hmmm, maybe I can juts think about what I saw early this morning.

"I can't do it." I sighed when I didn't feel that same rush.

"Let me help you out then. Maria has a better body than you, she can pleasure me better than you, she can touch me all she wants, and I'd let her. She's so bea-"

He cut off when he slammed straight back into the wall, his body dropping like a ragdoll. He groaned in pain and I rushed to help him.

"Are you okay?" I asked, helping him sit up.

"Fuck. Yes." He gasped out, his hands supporting him to sit up." But it seems like you are right. Your eyes glowed and I felt some cold thing wash over me, next thing I knew I was here."

I took a deep breath when I realised that he was okay, right before I slapped him on his arm.

"Don't you dare ever talk about that bitch like that! Next time, I'll try and make you fly out of a window next time." I snapped.

"Got it witchy." He said, laughing along with me and pulling me into his lap.

I let myself get pulled into him, resting my head on his chest and closing my eyes, sighing in pleasure when I felt his soft lips kiss my forehead gently.

I didn't know what I was going to do now. I'm not gonna tell Dakota about what I read, especially since I'm still confused about it. It said that witch children can only be an offspring of a witch and a warlock. Or an alpha or witch/warlock. As much as I know, both my parents are werewolves. But what if my mum was a witch? Does that mean dad is too? Or was he an alpha?

What was going on?!

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