Chapter 12

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"Just force bite her." I told him, shrugging my shoulder and ignoring Cayden's warning growl. "I'm sorry you guys, but your sister and your mate is a bitch."

"We know." Dakota said, smirking and pulling me closer to his body and nuzzling into his head into my neck making me giggle.

"Why don't you make her jealous?" Cayden told him. "I mean I know she's my sister and all but Alice is right, she is a bitch who needs to get put down. Not death, but she needs to see what she's missing."

"I didn't know you were into guys." I told him, mocking him.

"Haha, but you're my best friend, and I'm perfect, which means that you're... nearly perfect." Cayden said. "But who are you gonna get to make her jealous?"

Right at that moment, Clara walked in. "Your majesties, the King is asking for you." She told us, giving me a smile and bowing at the guys.

"Her." Xavier said, smiling evilly and pointing at Clara.


"What were you doing here?" I asked the rogue guy. We were now interrogating him. All we knew was that his name was Bobby, he was 16 and he was forced to attack because his parents were captured. We were still trying to find out who he was working for and their aim.

He was tied to a chair in the middle of a big room which smelt like piss and blood. Not exactly the most calming, especially as Bobby was crying.

"W-we were told to kill some people for a w-warning." Bobby told us, his eyes shifting nervously between me, the guards and Liam.

"Who do you work for?" Liam asked, his face cold with no hints of warmth or amusement in his eyes

"A guy named Victor. He works for another guy, but I don't know his name. It does begin with an L. That's all I know!" He cried out.

A cold feeling washed over me as I felt Liam also tense by my side. I knew exactly who Bobby was talking about.... Levin. If I was correct, we were in deep shit.


"We're in shit." I said, throwing open the doors to the meeting room. All the alphas turned and stood up at the sight of me and Liam, including Austin, Dakota, Cayden and Xavier.

"What are you doing in here girl? This is for alphas only." Alpha Reynolds said angrily, glaring at me. "And how dare you just come in announcing yourself like that!"

"Shut up." I snapped at him before turning to Austin. "Levin is back."

As soon as I said those 3 words, Austin looked angry and alarmed at the same time, his face hardening.

"Who's Levin?" Dakota growled out, his eyes searching my face for answers.

"I'm not saying anything until the rest of the alphas, excluding Austin, leave. He has eyes everywhere and I don't trust them." I told him, watching as he ordered them to leave.

One by one, they left but I only spoke until the door shut. The walls were soundproof.

"He's the guy who lead the rogue attack yesterday. A very dangerous man." I told him, my eyes unblinking.

"How is he dangerous Alessandra? None of us have ever heard of him before?" Herald asked me.

"Few years back he attacked our pack, killing and injuring many people. He held a few people as hostages until pack warriors found them. By then, one was dead and the rest were nearly there." I told him. "Sir, you can not believe all you want, but if he is coming, we're all in trouble."

"What does he look like?" Herald asked.

"Black hair, glaring face, tall, tanned skin, dark eyes, dangerous look in his eyes, frowning, psychotic." I listed, counting them on my fingers.

"What does he want with us?"

"I don't know." I lied, trying not to make it obvious.

"How do we know that the traitors aren't on your side?" Dakota asked, stepping forward and glaring at Liam and Austin.

"They're my best friends. I've known them since I was baby, and I trust them with my life." I told him, glaring back.

"Well we can only act when he attacks again. We can't just go running around, searching for him." Herald said, trying to calm us down.

"With all due respect sir, we can do that. And we are going to do that." Liam said, stepping forwards.

"Exactly. We're not going to wait around for you pathetic losers."  I told them, walking out of the room with Liam and Austin in tow.

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