Chapter 8

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Dakota's POV:
I should've rejected her when I had the chance; I couldn't. Now I have to keep my distance and try and forget about her. Yeah, like it was so easy to forget someone as beautiful as her.

With her crazy dark hair cascading down her back and her warm brown eyes. And those legs, damn those legs. They were so long and went on forever.

I'd heard about her of course, everyone's heard of her. She was the result of a one night stand and was found on her pack's border. For a few hears, it was just her and her father until he remarried and a few kids, but apparently she was always the special one, the daddy's princess. Of course, every had also heard of her father, a strong warrior, so it was no surprise that he had taught her everything he had known. Maybe even too much, rumour goes that my mate's even stronger than him.

She might even beat me one day! One day, just not on a full moon, that's when I change and am at my strongest, even though I can control it on most days.

Why was I the one cursed with this monstrosity?

Everyone will see if she lives up to her reputation, tomorrow on training day. All packs have an hour each to be trained and assessed by Royal warriors. It obviously goes on for the next few days , but her pack is definitely tomorrow. I checked.

As I walked out of my room I smelt a scent, my mate's - strawberries and mint. What was she doing in the West Wing? Even if she was my mate, it's still forbidden here. It all belonged to me, all wrecked and ruined from my anger.

I growled lowly, feeling my eyes turn. I shook my head and I felt it go away, I wasn't gonna hurt my mate.

I turned around the corner, walking silently behind her in the shadows. I hid my amusement as I watched her walk. I had to give it to, she was quiet, not stepping on any of the creaky spaces on the floor and stepping over all the fallen things, but then I knew scent.

I watched as she looked around the corner, my eyes narrowing when I saw her reach for the doorknob to my room.

Just as she pushed the door open an inch I reached forward, yanking her back and wrapping my arms around her, stifling my groan when she pressed back against my back.

"Shhhh." I whispered in her ear as she struggled to get my arms off of her. I let my sleeve roll up a bit and pressed my bare skin to hers so she could feel the sparks, which were usually there between mates.

I let go off her when her body relaxed, smirking when she spun around to face me, her face all flushed. "Why the fuck did you do that?" She said, her low voice thick with an accent.

"Why the fuck are you here?" I mocked her, crossing my arms across my naked chest, holding in a laugh when I noticed her eyes trailing down my chest and arms.

"I-I had to ask you a question." She said, copying my actions. Yep, I definitely caught her off guard.

"What question?" I asked her, backing her up against the wall and resting my hands by her head. Her breath hitched when I presses my chest against hers and kissed down her neck lightly, stopping at her collarbone and resting my head there. I could hear her heartbeat racing, it made my heartbeat race.

"I-I saw y-you this morning with Cayden coming out of the woods. I saw y-your eyes."

"WHAT! Why the fuck were you spying on me?" I growled out, my anger taking over me. I could feel my eyes flash as I stared down at her, shock and fear showing in her eyes.

"What are you?" I heard her whisper.

I closed my eyes, resting my head against the wall, panting loudly. I felt her soft hands cup my face, bringing it down. "Dakota." Oh god, I loved the way she said my name.

I felt myself calming down, and I opened my eyes to look right at hers. I gulped thickly, my arms going down to rest at her waist. I looked down at her lips, leaning forwards until my lips were resting on hers gently.

She was frozen in shock for a moment before her lips started moving along with mine, her hands moving up to pull at my hair.

I groaned as our tongues danced together, lifting her up and slamming her into the wall more as her legs wrapped around me. My hands moved down to massage her chest, pulling my lips away from hers to kiss down her neck again.

"Dakota." Her whimper of my name pulled me back to reality, making me pull away from her.

We both panted, staring into each other's eyes. I watched as she gave me a shy smile, hiding her face in my neck. I sighed in content, my arms tightening around her warm body.

We pulled away quickly when someone cleared their throat. I put Alessandra down and turned to face the person, annoyance flaring in me when I saw Maria.

What was she doing here?

"Dakota baby, who's this slut on you?" She asked, and I growled when she insulted my mate. Talking about Alessandra, I turned to face her, to see her looking at us in confusion and hurt.

"I'm Alessandra. I didn't know you had a girlfriend." She mumbled out, her eyes filled with sadness. "I'm just gonna go." She said, but just as she walked away, I pulled her back.

"We're not dating, she's just a stupid bitch who's desperate for attention. I've never even touched her." I told her, my eyes pleading with her to believe me.

When did I become so whipped?

"But baby, we're mates." Maria whimpered out, walking over to me and wrapping herself around my arm.

"No we're not. What are you even doing here? It's forbidden. Leave." I told her, pushing her off me and yanking my arm back.

"You are my mate." She whined, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Excuse me bitch. Dakota is my mate. And did you hear the man say get lost." I turned around in shock when I heard Alessandra speak.

"Why would a hot specimen like him be mates with an ugly thing like you." Maria said, grimacing at my real mate.

Just as I was about to step forward, Alessandra rose her arm and punched Maria straight on the nose.

"Get the fuck out!" She growled out, her eyes turning black meaning that her wolf was on the surface.

I wrapped my arms around Alessandra, feeling her relax in my arms, just as Maria gave us a glare and ran away. We stood still for a moment, only moving when we heard the door open and slam loudly.

"I can't believe you believed her over me." I said, holding onto her hands loosely.

"Well you look like a fucking Greek God, won't surprise me that you fucked with other girls!" She said casually, covering her mouth when she realised what she said.

"Shut up." She said, pushing my shoulder in a playful manner. I only chuckled, bringing her into a hug, resting my chin on her head.

I didn't want to ignore her anymore, I couldn't ignore her anymore.

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