Chapter 34

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"What do you mean, we can't go and find her? And who the fuck is Levin!" I growled out to Austin and Liam, bothered that neither of them were backing down.

"We told you. We had this major pack attack a few years back, and we were some of the lucky werewolves to be kidnapped!" Austin said sarcastically, and I held in my growl, he was Lexi's best friend, she would hate me if I kill him.

"You know what I'm going to go and find her. If you want to come with me, come." I snapped, storming away from them.

I walked straight into Hattie, Lexi's mum, who I still find suspicious, maybe because my mate also didn't like her.

"Prince Dakota, my lord." She bowed down, and I resisted the urge to snap her neck; that's when something clicked in my mind.

"Why aren't you worried? I know you hated Alexandria, but you should be worried. She told me that your relationship was finally on the mend, Lexi was already saying nice things about you. So why aren't you worrying?" I asked her, stepping closer to her and revealing my black eyes, hiding the fact that I was lying. "What are you hiding! What did you do?" I growled, pushing her onto the wall by her neck, squeezing hard.

"I didn't do anything. Please, I don't know anything about Lexi's witch powers, or her kidnapping. I barely know anything about her!" She choked out, and I nearly believed her. Nearly.

"How the fuck do you know that she's a witch. She only told me!" I growled lowly, squeezing harder, finding pleasure on her discomfort.

"Dakota! Get off my wife!" I felt arms pulling me back, and I let them, staring at Hattie the entire time.

"This bitch knows about Lexi's kidnapping. She's the enemy!" I growled out at Lexi's dad, still don't know his name.

"That's my wife. I've known her for many years! More than I've known you, so get away from her before I make you." He snapped, stepping in front of the bitch, and shielding her away from my view.

I chuckled humourlessly, right when Hattie decided to open her mouth.

"Wait, Dean, he's right. I know about Lexi. I-I helped."

Now, it was Dean ( finally got his name ) and I against the bitch. And what was the chance that she'd win.

"What." Dean said, he didn't seem that shocked. What the fuck was happening?

"Exactly. Let's torture this bitch, get the information and then kill her." I snapped, overreacting a little bit. But eh, who gives a shit.

That's when both Dean and Hattie started laughing like crazy people, whilst I stood staring at them.

"Oh, Prince Dakota, you really are funny. Do you really think Hattie would be able to pull this off by herself. She needed some help." Dean said amusedly.

It took a bit for it to register in my mind, but when I got it, I was enraged.

"What the fuck did you do to my mate! What did you do to your own daughter!" I growled out, right before I felt a numbing pain on my arms, which soon spread to my legs, and made me collapse.

The last thing I saw was Dean's purple eyes flashing, and hearing Hattie cackling away.

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