Chapter 25

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Okay, I know I'm a werewolf and all, maybe even a witch, but I'm seriously getting tired following Dakota. I mean seriously! Why is he going so fucking deep into the woods? Is this part of his monster-secret?

I stopped breathing and quickly pushed myself behind a tree when I saw him turn around. The trunk of the tree was thick, but I wasn't exactly the skinniest, so hopefully he didn't see me.

I didn't hear anything so I craned my head to the side, gasping quietly when I all I saw was trees, the sky and dirt. Where the fuck had he gone! I can't even smell his scent!

I stepped out from behind the tree, looking around cautiously. I looked in front, both sides, behind me and even above me - horror films did teach me some things.

"Seriously!" I whispered under my breath, letting out an annoyed grunt and kicking the ground.

I let out another annoyed sigh before turning around to go back to where I came, no idea where that is though. When you're in a forest, all the trees look the same to you, unless they're oddly shaped or something.

I let out a shrill scream which got cut off when a rough palm pressed to my mouth. I started struggling, my foot going back to kick the strangers shin. That didn't work, so I instead took my elbow and slammed it back right into his crotch.

Even I winced when I heard his pained groan. But hey, at least he let go!

I didn't bother to look at the guy's face and quickly straddled him, pressing my forearm into his neck. "Who the f- Dakota?! Fuck! What the fuck is wrong with you! Snea- "

I cut off quickly when I realised something was different to his face. His usually brown eyes were now a bright green colour, his fangs sprouting from his mouth.

The moment of pause I had to look down at him, made his way of escaping me much easier, as he pushed me off and ran away, moving inhumanly possible. Inwerewolfly possible!

"Wait!" I shouted after him, getting up from the floor and chasing him.

I didn't even miss the panic and shock on my mate's. What was he hiding from me! And he better tell me everything.

Well, when I catch him of course.

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