Chapter 1; Never Again

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Chapter 1

His slick midnight black hair reflected the moonlight. His hot kisses trailed down my neck as he got in between my legs. This was my mate. My love. My one and only and he was mine alone.

"Mommy!" A screamed echoed through the halls as little footsteps made their way to my bedroom pushing the door open with force.

My eyes snapped open as the sunlight blinded me, soon a small figure wrapped her little arms around my body. "Mommy wake up, we're going to grandma and grandpa's place today." she said.

Instantly I sat up as she sat on my lap. "Caitlin, it's too early for that." I said to her. My 3 year old daughter. My one and only precious gift.

"No momma! It's late, super late, please get up." she said as she made her crying face. I looked at her with stern eyes as tears welled up. I gave in making her jump up and down in joy.

"Okay, let's take a bath together, then get ready, then go visit grandma and grandpa then go to the park. What do you say?" I Seed her as she gave me a toothy grin.

We were in and out of that tuning a matter of an hour. Dressed up and headed to my parents place. I knocked on the door as my mother's beautiful face came into view.

"Isabelle? You came!" she said happily as she let us in. Caitlin ran into her arms as mom placed kisses all over her face.

We walked into the living room, where my dad sat, a newspaper in his hand. He wasn't happy about Caitlin and still isn't.

We walked in as he ignored our presence. I had gotten used to it anyway, so there was no need for pained expressions. I honestly didn't care anymore. He was upset I her it, he wanted me to take over the bakery, I get it, but now my daughter is my first priority.

"Grandpa!" Caitlin screamed as she ran into his arms. He forced a smile on his frowning face as he put Caitlin down.

"heyyyyy! Isabelle you're here." he smiled at me, but it didn't reach his eyes.

I nodded at him. We didn't have a good relationship since I became pregnant with Caitlin and before. And honestly if I could turn back time, I would, but now I never wish about that, because Caitlin is the best thing that has ever, I mean ever, happened to me.

I helped mom in the kitchen as we cooked lunch.

"So, did you find him?" mom asked, I know who she was referring to and she knows I hate this topic.

"I said this once mom, I'm never going to look for him, I'm never going to forgive him, and I'm never going to allow him back into my life, Caitlin yes, but me, never." I said to her, promise laced in my voice.

Mom kept silent as she nodded and didn't say a word. We cooked side by side, not a word spoken between the two of us.

We sat eating, as awkward as always until Caitlin and I headed out. Her little hands held onto my pinky finger as we strolled the park grounds.

"Mommy?" she said capturing my attention. I looked down at her with questioning eyes.

"Why do you and grandma and grandpa fight? Is it becwause of me?" her voice cracked. My heart broke listening to her.

"No, no honey that's not your fault, you're not the reason, we just don't get along, even before you were born." I said honestly, and it was true, my dad and I both had a dispute before I even fell pregnant.

"But the kids at the kindergartens tell me that I'm the reason you don't smwile oft-ten and my daddy hates me and he left you becwause I was borned." she said. I swear tears were going to fall out if my eyes.

"Baby, don't say that, no, you're not the reason, things happened, and I'll explain it to you one day, but never again will I let you feel this way. Never Again." I said to her. I held her in a right embrace. My baby's tears were burning my skin.

I wiped away my tears and I stood up only to be tackled to the ground. The most enticing smell took over my nose, as shocks flew everywhere. "Isabelle?" his husky voice ran in my ears.

"Your majesty." I said coldly.


What has your majesty done to make Isabelle hate? Hope you enjoyed the chapter and once again I apologize for the mistakes and grammatical errors.

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