Chapter 31: The Woods... ; Part 1

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Chapter 31

I sat in Caitlin bedroom as she jumped around playing. Her giggles brought a smile to my face as she ran up towards me.

"Momma, when's daddy coming hwome?" she questioned, her gray eyes staring into my eyes.

"When he's done with the meeting, he'll come to us, he did promise to take you outside. So be patient" I said reminding her.

A small knock came through the door as Yelena walked in.

"what is it Yelena?" I questioned as she smiled.

"The former king requires your presence." she said making my heart thump faster in my chest.

Sin's father wishes to see me. Me. Isabella. It's not that I wasn't avoiding him because I was. Let's just say we tend to argue a lot.

Him being sick was supposed to give me time to get my story together to explain why I hadn't brought his granddaughter to him the moment I knew I was pregnant.

"Your highness, Isabella?" Yelena asked worriedly looking at my discomfort.

Slapping a forced smile on my face I took Caitlin's hand, "We'll be right there." I said as she smiled walking out.

I let out a deep breath, as my heart pounded faster against my chest. I was not ready for this, but I had to face him.

Walking me and Caitlin out of the room I walked us towards the eastern wing of the palace. I never thought I'd be taking steps this soon towards it.

Caitlin skipped as she walked, a smile on her little chubby face.

Reaching the entrance of the east wing, I faced a few guards that directed us towards the kings room.

Standing in front of the door I closed my eyes ready to knock as a faint yet powerful voice echoed 'come in'

Gulping. I opened the door, Caitlin next to me. There seated on the bed with thick rimmed glasses and a book in his hand, sat the king on his bed.

"Your majesty." I bowed my head.

"Skip the formalities Isabella, come take a seat." he said.

I walked in and sat on the couch that occupied the center on the bedroom. He looked up setting his book, and his eyes met Caitlin's.

Looking at me and looking at her. His face held a scorn.

"So you kept her away?" he asked unhappy about it.

Maybe if Sin wasn't such an ass, she would've been born in the comfort of the palace, "I apologize your majesty, but you know that Sin and my relationship wasn't great back then." I said sadly remembering the past.

"But Isabella, did you not trust to come to me?" he asked.

I see he was upset, but he was Sin's father, I could not have come to him. "I was conflicted your highness, I hope you understand my position and my feelings regarding it." I said.

He nodded his head. Soon Caitlin was by his side, "Are you my grandpa?" she asked as a smile overtook his face.

"Of course princess, I'm your grandfather, I hope you'll come see me more often now," he said as she nodded rapidly and he looked towards me, gaining a nod from me as well.

"Isabella, I'd like to spend some time with her alone, just to bond." he requested.

"Whatever it is his majesty desires." I approved as I stood up.

"Caitlin, don't trouble anyone, behave, okay? Daddy will take you outside some other time. " I said as she smiled starting to talk away.

I smiled waving at her and walking out. I let out a breath of relief. That played out better than I had expected. I felt to arms wrap around my waist as his scent enveloped me.

" I heard father wanted to see you suddenly, I'm shocked that the both of you didn't argue like before." he said reminding me.

"That was a long time ago, Sin, plus I think we've both come to a mutual agreement." I said unsure of my words, a small chuckle leaving my mouth.

"Well, I'm glad. My love, you've given my princess to my father and now he's going to hog her to himself. What happened to walk outside?" he sighed in defeat.

"Well, You can fight with him over her, but I'm sure she'd choose him over you." I said as he put a hand on his chest, scoffing.

"you wound me my beloved mate. My dear Belle." he said placing a small kiss on my temple. "Well, come a long with me, I have somewhere I want to go" he requested taking my hand and leading me to lord knows where.

Reaching the main gates, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Run with me." he said.

A smile overcame my face, as I nodded.

Walking out the gates towards the main forest, we shifted.

Sin's wolf big because of his status and mine small. If only... I growled in annoyance as I walked off i from of him.

He nipped at my tail, receiving a welp from me. He took a step back sensing my pounce, and he ran.


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