Chapter 6; He's Your Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 6:

I knocked on Caitlin's room as she made no sound, but her scent was strongly there, so I knew she was in there.

I heard her sob croak through, and knowing she was crying made things worse.

"Caitlin honey, let me in." I croaked out, my voice cracking. I heard her little thump of her feet on the floor as the door unlocked and she let me in. "Baby I'm sorry"  I said to her as I held my little girl in my arms.

"Is Dada angry with me?" she questioned with tears eyes.

"No, no, he loves you, he would never be angry with you he's just a bit hurt and upset, why would you think he's angry with you?" I asked her.

"Becwause I was being spoily and bwatty and I said some wreally mean things to him. "

I stroked her midnight black hair and kissed her forehead. "If you say sorry, he'll forgive you. And I'm sure daddy is in his study, so why don't we go now?" I asked as she thought for a short moment.

She nodded her little head and hopped off my lap, as she walked to the door with her pajamas still on.

We walked to Sin's office hand in hand as I let out a breath and knocked. "Come in"  I heard him say as I pushed open the door. "What is it?" he asked, his voice held a tinge of anger.

Before I replied Caitlin came from behind the door into the office. "Caitlin wanted to tell you something." I said to him as he focused his full attention on her.

"What is it princess?" he asked.

"I'm sorry daddy." she said. And that seemed to be the greatest thing Sin ever heard. Caitlin Ran to his arms as he caught her. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

"It's okay baby." he said as Caitlin relaxed in his arms. Sin looked at me with a smile and mouthed the words I've never heard him say.

'Thank you.' and that honestly seemed to lighten my heart.

Soon we were out and I was giving Caitlin a bubble bath as she told me she wanted to wear a pretty pink dress.

I nodded laughing at her expression and began waking her pretty hair. She let out a huff of irritation. Her hair was waist long no kidding and I never thought of cutting it. Ever.

Sin walked into the bathroom as he say next to me, in front of the tub. Caitlin began splashing in the water making the bubbles go everywhere.

Sin let out a laugh that was sincere and again my heart fluttered. It has to be the mate bond. Sin wrapped Caitlin in her fluffy pink towel as we walked into her room placed by her into the bed.

"----And and I want a bigger teddy than the teddy you bought me daddy!" she said excitedly making me frown.

"But Caitlin, you already have toys, so why buy more? wastage isn't good. You should be thankful for what you have." I said sternly as she nodded, lowering her gaze.

"Isabelle calm down, it's okay, I'll buy her one more teddy then I won't buy her another one, okay?" he said and that got me riled up!

"Sin, she has to learn that in life you have to earn some things. Don't spoil my daughter to a point where I can't control her anymore."

"She's our daughter Isabelle, calm down. Okay, she's just a child, she'll want things, if I won't buy it I'll tell her, but a teddy bear, honestly, it doesn't even cost much. So don't worry." he said calmly looking into my eyes. I let out a sigh and got Caitlin dressed in a pretty pink dress. I sat on the bed as Sin brushed Caitlin's hair putting it in a high pony.

"Don't you ever cut your hair, keep it long like your mommy, because the hair you have is what makes you beautiful." he said to her. As she nodded promising she won't. I smiled at their relationship.

But I can't help but wonder, will we get Closer like a family? Or will things fall apart like they usually do?


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