Chapter 21: Return;Part 2

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Chapter 21:




Can a person be more evil than her. I followed behind Sin as he carried Caitlin towards our room. My mind was swirling with questions and my head pounder like a drum.

Sin opened the door to the room, placing Caitlin on the bed and walking to the couch on the far end of the bedroom.

"Is He.. The one who touched you?" was the first question the came out of his mouth.

All I simply did was nod. I could hear his heavy breathing. He was angry but trying to keep himself calm. He closed his eyes trying to think straight and not giving into his wolf.

" I am going to kill him." he said darkly.

" Sin, if Ravecca has anything to do with this we need to get her as far away from us as possible or she might hurt you or Caitlin." I spurred. He lifted his hand stopping me midway.

That's it? He didn't believe me did he?!

"Isabelle my love, he said, 'your mother', I have two mothers. I can't just say Ravecca, Abigail is there as well." he said making me open My mouth in disbelief.

"Why are you trying so hard to not suspect Ravecca. Abigail is your birth mother, she did nothing but love you, she wouldn't dare hurt her son." I said to him rashly.

In my hardest times she was there for me, she tried giving Sin all of her love, but he rejected it. There's no way a mother that bore her child for 4 werewolf months would want to hurt him or her. He needed to get that straight.

"I don't think you know my mother Isabelle. You think my dad got a second wife for no reason? She has never been any good news to the family. I love her, yes, but when it comes to motherly love, Ravecca has given it to me by far." she defended.

"why are you so blinded by her. She's the reason you lost me in the first place. I blame her for killing my child. It's all her fault!" I screamed at him as the tears rolled down my face.

"If you want me to throw her in the dungeons, then so be it. I won't doubt you any longer. I'll believe your every word. But Isabelle, think carefully before I make the decision. In all honesty I can throw both my mother's in the dungeons for all I care, because both have committed their crimes but I chose to overlook it. But I dare say again. Think before making me do something that will satisfy the other." was all he said.

As he stood up and pulled me into his chest locking our lips tightly. I melted in his arms, and gave in without a fight. I was breathless as he pulled away.

"I'm not going to allow that bastards kiss to linger on your lips, Because you are mine. You can only kiss me. You can only look at me. Yes Elliot is handsome, but he is a psychopath, I heard your thoughts, so don't look at any other male besides me." he kissed me one more time, making it gentle, before winking at me and getting into bed.

My face flustered. He heard my thoughts. But he hadn't marked me again. I turned to look at him his chest heaving.

I shook my head, but his words had repeated themselves in my mind. Its not possible at all, Abigail wouldn't do it. She wouldn't and I know it.

I sighed and got into bed beside Caitlin, facing her.

This couldn't fathom in my mind. I know Ravecca is behind all of this. She was always there. She wanted the throne for her sons, but as long as I'm here she will not take what belongs to Sin.

Ravecca was evil and nothing could change that. The only reason is holding back is because of her manipulation with her love. Sin says it won't bother him weather Ravecca is convicted and honestly I can't decide weather to believe that or not. But she deserves to rot for doing all she's done to Me. She destroyed my family and it's only fair that she gets punished for it.


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