Chapter 26: Not Gone

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Chapter 26

Sins POV

I paced the cell my mother was placed in. I can't believe I trusted that she wouldn't do anything. She's always been like this.

"Where is she?" my voice deadly. She could be my mom for all I care, but my mate was my priority.

"Why are you asking me Sin? Why don't you ask Ravecca, she will know. Why do you doubt me, son?" she said mockingly.

"because you've always been this way. Why Isabelle, she treats you like her own mother and yet you pull this shit?" I asked, paving up and down.

"Oh please, don't try to sweeten things. That woman was nothing but trouble ever since she showed up. I mean who blindly believes what they see without finding out reasons, she's just too damn stupid for her own good." she said making me growl in anger. My voice booming throughout the entire dungeon.

"I'm giving you 4 hours, I don't care if you're my mother or not, I will torture and kill you, and worse, I'll destroy everything you've worked for thus far. Don't test my patience mother I'm not who I used to be."

She smiled widely, her eyes void of any emotion." you're just like your father, heartless."

Knowing her words would cut me deep, I kept my face emotionless and stared right into her eyes.

"I wouldn't choose to be any other way."

Turnibg my back towards her, letting the guards take over. Yes she was mu mother and she was everything to me, but now, she's nothing but an empty vessel quenching their thirst over someone else's misery.

I walked out of the dungeons towards my bedroom. Taking off my shirt and throwing it harshly on the bed. I let my fingers run through my hair as frustration filled me.

Where could she be? Was she safe? Was she okay?

Consumed by anger I fisted the wall, staring at it obliviously. I felt a small tug on my pants, looking down to see my precious princess.

Her eyes welling up with tears, she sniffled. "Daddy? Where's momma?" she questioned her voice cracking.

My heart breaking to a million pieces, I picked her up. Patting her back as she cried in the crook of my neck.

"she'll be back soon princess" I tried calming her down.

"What if he hurts her again? And she cwant come back to me? What if she Cwies again?" she spoke painfully.

Just what had I put them both through for this to be happening again?

"your moms not gonna b happy her big strong girl is crying, she always brags about how our little Caitlin is strong, let's not let her down before she comes back, okay my love?" I said softly as she nodded in the crook of my neck.

Her cries softening as her body began to fall limply in my arms, indicating she was falling asleep.

I couldn't help but wonder and worry. She was far away and I couldn't protect her, because heck, I don't even know where she is.

Isabelle, where in God's name are you?

Isabelle's POV:

I sat, my back against the brick wall of this bloody ass cage. Elliot would come once every hour to check on me.

My hands and feet chained like an animal. But that wasn't the worst part. I'm back in the place everything went wrong.

The place I lost him.

The place I lost my son.

The tears burned my cheeks as they rolled slowly. Voices of guilt taunting me. I couldn't believe, I couldn't trust. He wasn't gone. He was still here, with Caitlin.

Sin would be waiting for us. He would be waiting for our return. He's not gone.

He's not gone...

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