Chapter 32: Into The Woods...; Part 2

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Chapter 32

running for almost an hour had us panting uncontrollably. Laying on the hard cold forest grounds we allowed ourselves to cool off. looking at Sin's wolf, i couldn't help but admire this man. My mate. why did our lives have to be so complicated to a regrettable point. 

letting out a sigh i closed my eyes as Sin nuzzled his nose in my neck. the wind blew into my fur as i allowed the little sun that shone to soak into my fur.

"I think we should get up and get going." he linked as we lifted ourselves from the forest floor. stretching my now stiff body i let out a yawn, shaking the dust off my fur.

a snapping sound perked our ears alarmingly. a sharp sting penetrated my neck as i watched sin waddle before hitting the ground unconsciously. my eyesight blurred as i tried getting to him. my legs gave out under me allowing me fall to the ground with a thud that hurt as hell.

"well, this was an easy target"a voice rung in my ears as i tried keeping my eyes open. "Don't fight the tranquilizers drug, let it consume you." the voice said annoyed. "You should have stayed away Isabella." rung in my ears as my eyes shut and darkness enveloped me.

My body and neck ached as my eyes struggled to open. Managing opening my eyes I looked around as a cell entrapped me. A sharp pain pierced my head as a small wince left my mouth. Trying to move my hand to touch my head, I realized myself being tied to a poll tightly.

Pulling at the ropes, a grunt echoed as I turned my head slightly seeing Sin still unconscious and tied behind me. 

"Sin?" I called out his name trying to wake him up. "hey, wake up" i pulled at the ropes, trying to get a reaction from him. slowly his hands started moving a he winced as well, probably from the sharp pain of both the rope and his head.

"Isabella? Are you okay?" he asked slightly panicked.

"I'm Fine." I confirmed. 

after a while of adjusting to the roped tightened around our hands the doors to the cell we were in creaked open. 

"So you have awoken, I see." A voice echoed through. The Familiarity seemed to hit me in the face, but i couldn't make out who it was.

Sin let out a chuckle. "So you have finally decided to take matters into your own hands." He said with rage domineering his calm stature. 

"You know me well, but not well enough Sin." the voice growled out.

"Jayden we practically grew up together, there is no way that I don't know you, my cousin, enough to decipher your moves." Sin said confirming the identity of the voice. Why would Jayden do this? "Who are you working with? Liana? or is it Clair?" Sin questioned making my eyes widen.

He must be confused. Clair wouldn't do this. She... wouldn't. 

"You are awfully perceptive for a king, Sindevaladore, don't you think? No wonder your sister is riding off rage." 

"My Perception along with my other traits is what made me king. So what is it that you're aiming for? MY Mate? My throne? or simply...My head?" Sin questioned with a sneer.

"I wouldn't mind them all. Mark my words 'your majesty' i will make you suffer for everything you've done. take this as my... revenge plan if you must." he laughed as he walked out leaving sin and I to ourselves.

my mind couldn't fathom what just happened. This couldn't be right. This could not be happening. Jayden? of all the people in the world Jayden? 

"Shocked?" Sins voice broke through my mind. 

no words formed as i sat silently unmoved. So everything I went through was because of Jayden and Clair? I felt as though the trust i had instilled was slowly shifting and shattering.

"How are we going to get out of this?" I questioned Sin, my voice shaky from the revelation.

"My dear my mate, don't questionably doubt a king who knows and sees all that happens in his empire" He said as the ropes around my hands came loose. 

"Did you know this was going to happen?" i questioned him surprised.

"Of course, the only thing that has ever passed me was you." he smiled, as he stood up.


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