Chapter 7; Unfair

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Chapter 7

It's been 4 days since we moved in with Sin. I've been smiling a lot lately and for some reason we've been getting Closer. I want to hate him honestly, but I can't.

I sat in the park and watched as Sin played with Caitlin. My heart tugged as I remembered what had happened in the past. I know he doesn't remember, but I'll never forget.

"Momma! Look, Look!" Caitlin called out as she stood on Sins shoulders with a pose.

My heart pounced as the fear of her falling crossed my mind. "Caitlin-"  I said but she laughed at me.

"Mom! I'm swuper girls, do you see it!" her face radiated with happiness. I couldn't take that away. I nodded biting my tongue.

Sin seemed to get my worries as he teased Caitlin. "Caitlin, mommy doesn't think you can do it on the ground!" he said using reverse psychology.

"I can too! Just see. See mommy!" she said Sin put her down and she posed.

"Of you so can! I'm proud off you." I said to her. And she showed me a toothy grin.

"momma I want ice-cream!" she said, but be knowing Caitlin would just get sick.

"No." I said sternly.

She turned to Sin with watery eyes, and her cubby face as she looked at him, in sadness. "Daddy, I want ice-cream." she said to him as the tears threatened to fall out.

She was such a two faced player.

"aww princess, sure, let's go, I'm sure mommy won't mind if it's just one scoop? Right?" he said looking at me with hope.

I sighed as I. Looked at the two rascals. "Fine whatever, but if she gets sick Sin, youre going to look after her." I said.

We sat in the car as Sin headed towards the ice-cream parlour. Caitlin sat quietly, with her head down. We drove for some time as something didn't feel right.

"Caitlin honey, are you feeling okay?" my heart stated pounding.

"Yes I'm fine, I want ice-cream," she said with a shaky voice. I put my hand on her head only to feel her burning up.

"Sin! She's burning up." I said to him as he hit the breaks. Making the car screech.

I unbuckled my seatbelt as I practically ran out the front seat towards the back.

I began to unzip her pink dress and Tue her hair in a high bun. I pulled off her dress as I tried my hardest to keep her cool. Sin sped down the tarred rods towards the house.

We went going fact enough. Caitlin was hurting and as her mother I felt shattered knowing I couldn't do anything. We got to the house in less than 10inutes as I ran out of the car, Caitlin in my arms as she panted in pain. This couldn't be happening. This was so unfair to her.

I ran up the stairs towards the bathroom, the wood of the door sliced my hand. Blood dripped but I couldn't think of anything.

O let the cold water rum and took the wow heard. Making Caitlin sit I let the water run through her body. Slowly she breathing began to study as her eyes were trying to stay open.

Sin stood at the door his face seemed expressionless, but I knew he was feeling done sort if pain.

"Mom." I heard Caitlin's weakened voice call out to me. I hummed in response. "I want ice-cream." she said with a smiling face.

I looked at her in shock as she called out to sin. "Daddy, mommy doesn't want me to have ice-cream. She's so mean." she giggled weakly.

The tears brimmed my eyes as I watched my little girl sit with a smile in her face. She knows she's not strong enough. She knows she's in pain. Yet she's smiling.

I let out out a chuckle as Sin passed me a towel. I wrapped her into the town and handed to Sin who helped me carry her to her room.

Why were the Hyundai things happening to my innocent little girl?

I let out a sigh as Sin dressed her and put her to be. She was out like a light. Age disappeared into dreamland with a smile.

Yelena knocked on the door requesting for Sin. Sin have me a smile and walked out the room leaving me with Caitlin.

I don't know what do any more? I've tried all doctors but none could diagnose what was wrong. Was she just not normal? The tear rolled out my eyes yet again. This wasn't fair, not to me and especially not to Caitlin. She didn't deserve it.

If I could switch places with her, I would. I'd do anything to make my little girl happy.

I wiped my tears away and walked out of my bedroom. I walked down the steps only to see a lot of people, including gaurds from the palace standing in the living room.

Why we they Here?

"Sin, what's going on?" I asked him as he turned to me a serious expression on hid face.

"We need to leave for the palace at once." he said.



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