Chapter 24; Gone... Part 1

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Chapter 24

This was a difficult chapter, so puh-lease forgive me if it is not up to standard, actually had to trouble quite a few friends of mine to get this chapter done.

Sins POV:

The sun's rays gently touched my face as I  woke up uncomfortably. I hardly got any sleep last night.

Isabelle had been roaming mind mind, I couldn't stop thinking of her words, yet I couldn't explain to her the reason why I did what I did.

An irritated sigh left my lips as I got up annoyed and walked into the bathroom. I washed my face roughly and looked at my reflection in the mirror when a clenching pain overtook my heart for a mere second.

My mind went into a frenzy as my gray eyes began to brighten up in warning. What was happening? I held onto my chest as it got harder to breathe. I looked down to see nothing was wrong with me only for my mind to hit realization. Isabelle...

I rushed out of the bathroom down the hallway towards Caitlins room only to see nothing, just an ebpty bedroom with the window widely opened.

She wouldn't...

She couldn't have....

My mouth went dry as I thought in that moment I was going to die. My heart burned unnaturally abd My chest felt as though it were being ripped open mercilessly. I rushed to the window rubbing my eyes, my heart hoping it would all be a tremendous dream.

She was gone.

And in that moment I wanted to die.

In that moment I could feel nothing but a senseless pain.

In that moment my heart raced knowing my beloved was in danger.

If Only she wasn't as hot blooded as she was.

If Only she'd just let it go.

The hope of Caitlin and Isabelle being safe filled My mind endlessly as I rushed to my mother's room only to see she wasn't there. A frightening growl left my chest and I knew everyone could feel my despair and heart ache.

If Only she knew why I didn't let Ravecca get taken. If Only she could see as clearly what I could see. She told me I was blinded by motherly love, when truly it was her.

My body ached endlessly as a sharp pain entangled my heart. Something was wrong and I knew it.

I stinky let out a roar more than a growl as nothing but red began to blind my sight.

Isabelle's POV :

(The night before)

I wasn't going to stick around. I let out a shaky breath as I held Caitlins hand. Opening the window, the door flew. Open. My heart rate picked up, hoping it wasn't Sin, but when. I turned around I faced an astounded sad face of Abigail.

"You're leaving us?" she said sadly as I shook my head, my eyes welling up The tears.

"mom, you need to Understand. Sin needs to understand what he's put me through and the only way he'll begin to realize what's was wrong with him and how important trust between mates is. I can't allow him to think I would just sit by and understand him. When... He's put me through all this torment." I said sadly. Caitlin tightened her hold on.

" I'll help you. But Isabelle, you can't go too far. To find you he will, but not if you're too far. I love you but I don't want my son to go through what he did 5 years ago." she said sternly as I nodded.

She took us out towards the forest of the palace. I grabbed Caitlins hand as I ran with her into the forest. I don't know. Where we were. Going but it sure as hell wasn't gonna be this castle.

We walked in the forest stealthily. Quietly. Until a twig snapped behind us. Abigail was sent flying into one corner her back hitting a tree, while Caitlin was dropped onto the ground completely knocked out. Two shadows came towards me and just as I was about to transform into my wolf, I felt a sharp sting on my neck.

Right then the thought of  Sin slipped its way in my mind. Just then my body felt paralyzed and everything went black. But something felt extremely wrong.


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