Chapter 12; What Would 'He' Do?

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Chapter 12:

"Caitlin!" I yelled across the 'royal' family room as Caitlin stood in her underwear refusing to wear the dress I picked out for her.

"Momma! I don't want that dress!" she yelled back at me after sticking out her tongue towards me.

Stubborn child!

I slowly made my way to her but then suddenly she sprinted. I picked up my pace only to bump into a hard chest. The persons hands snaked around my waist instantly preventing me from falling.

"Isabelle." the person spoke making me freeze. I looked up to see his bright green eyes.

"Jayden?" I questioned as he smiled nodding.

A Growl echoed around us as I instantly pulled away from Jayden and looking at Sin in his now angry deep gray eyes.

"What's going on?" Sin asked, his anger rolling if him in massive amounts.

"Nothing Sin, she was about to fall so I caught her, no need to be jealous." Jayden said provoking Sin.

"Listen here cousin, you may be family but anyone to even touch my mate in any way or even look at her in anyway, family or not, I will kill you." he said, but something felt off with sin as he looked at me.

"Sin, it's not his fault..." I said only for him to Growl at me in anger.

"silence Isabelle." he said dangerously low and I slowly closed my mouth shut.

Jayden glared at his cousin but looked at me a ghost smirk floating I'm his face. He eyed me making me shiver in discomfort and walking off.

What was your with him all of a sudden.

Sin grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hard embrace as he breathed in my scent calming himself down.

"Isabelle my love, stay away from him." was all. He said as he kissed my head.

My mind still wandered to Sin's mistake and I wanted to remind him I was still angry with him, but right now I couldn't fathom any words.

"I can feel you're still upset with me regarding that night my love." he said reading my mind, "but believe me when I say I remember nothing of what happened, I'm Not saying you're lying, but all I ask of you is your forgiveness." he said soothingly, almost moving my heart. Almost.

"Sin, you know I can't. It hurts to think about. It felt right in that moment, as if you uttered the words 'I reject you'. And you know what the most painful thing about it is?" I questioned him as the tears began flowing in rivers. "The fact that you said you loved her." I whispered.

Sin lifted my chin as he stared at my tear stained face, he then moved his thumb to wipe my tears away making me look into his eyes.

"Let me show you I love you. That I've always loved you, let me make you forget that night ever happened. Give me a chance my love?" he asked and all I could do was sigh in response.

I opened my mouth to speak until a squeal made me push away from sin.

"Momma, gweuss what? Gweuss! Gweuss!" Caitlin squealed in excitement trying to hide the gap in her mouth, and the tooth in her hand.

"Hmm, I wonder, what? Mom's such a bad person, she can't guess." I sighed in defeat playfully. Caitlin shook her head at me and directly turned to Sin.

"Daddy, daddy! Did you gweuss?!" she jumped up and down in impatience.

"Daddy's not that smart Princess, why don't you tell us?" he said making a huge grin slap its was on her cute face.

Caitlin smiled brightly making her gap seen. "Sin isn't it too early for her teeth to be falling out?" I asked in worry and he nodded.

"But it's her canine, which means her wolf canines are trying to pop out early." he said. I nodded at him and clapped my hand for Caitlin.

"Wow! Did it hurt?" I asked her as I grabbed her and she shook her head no. "I finally got you! Now let's go dress." I Said making her trash in my arms. She gave up and pouted towards Sin giving him her puppy did eyes. Sin smiled a little and looked at her shaking his head a bit apologizing for not being able to help her.

Caitlin huffed in my arms as a small smile played on her cute lips. I shook my head at her mischievous behavior and walked up the hundred flight staircase. As I walked I ended up walking past Claire.

"umm Isabelle?" she called out.

I turned around to look at her. I could see she was feeling a bit guilty about our earlier. Misunderstandings, and sure I was upset but, I couldn't help but soften up for her.

"yes?" I whispered with a small smile.

Her hands shook as she nervously swallowed. "umm, i-im sorry for earlier." she said hurriedly and scurried off making me chuckle.

"I FORGIVE YOU!" I yelled out after her as her laughter echoed down the hallway.

I shook my head carrying Caitlin to her room.

"Momma, is he going to come back?" she asked.

"Daddy's not going anywhere." I Said with furrowed eyebrows. Why would Sin leave then come back?

"Not daddy, but El--" I cut her off hastily.

"he's not coming back Caitlin and it be best you forget about him. He's not going to hurt us. Not when daddy will protect us." I encouraged as she smiled looking up at me and nodding. "Now bug! Let's get you dressed" I smiled.

But deep down the smile on my face was just to keep Caitlin calm, but my heart hold nothing but fear for if Caitlin words come true, what would Sin do? Would he do?


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