Chapter 19; Found;Part 2

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Chapter 19:

My heart pounded rapidly. This couldn't be happening. How in God's name could this be happening?

I couldn't think straight and my thoughts were clouded with what if's and doubts. Caitlin lay peacefully without a care in the world. Why was this happening to us. Especially her. She didn't deserve to see how cruel the world was as yet.

I lifted her, feeling insecure of letting her be alone after what I've just seen. Walking out of the bedroom I shut it and walked down the hallway. Halfway through the hallway Sin's scent hit me hard. Was he back already?

I tapped Caitlin making her stir in my arms. Night had fallen and she hasn't eaten. I made her stand in her two feet as we walked hand in hand down the stairs towards the dining hall.

Sin walked in at the same time we did. He didn't look my way rather sat opposite Caitlin and I. I didn't say a thing and sat in my usual place. The food was served as Caitlin began digging in. Her entire face covered in the food she was eating.

"what's happened between the two of you, did something happen at the doctors'? Did you find out what's wrong with Caitlin?" my heart beat sped up, I didn't want the family to know.

I didn't want Ravecca to know that she had won against me. That she had done a victorious thing, But Sin's words betrayed me.

"It turns out I had a son that Isabelle lost as well as the fact that she was kidnapped and mistreated by other male wolves, and she doubts my family." he said in anger. Everyone gasped and looked my way.

I banged my hand on the table as they silenced. I stood up my face facing downwards as I felt the tears burn my eyes. So it's my fault now?

" Yes Sin, I killed our son, right? I killed him with my bare hands, I asked to be touched and enjoyed every single moment of it! Isn't that right?!" I yelled at him as my heart clenched painfully.

This was it. He blamed me. He freaking blamed me.

I got up and walked towards the bedroom, Caitlin little feet padding behind me with tiny thuds. I slammed the door shut and walked into the bathroom filling a tub of hot water. I stripped naked and stripped Caitlin naked as I sat with her in the tub. She played around with the water. Her little actions making me smile.

Walking towards the bedroom I tried taming my Heartbeat. Sin couldn't find out just yet about the note after the stunt he has pulled today in anger. He was definitely going to do something without thinking through and taking action and honestly I need to prove that Ravecca Informed them. I walked into the bedroom with Caitlin and the door opened Sin walking in and walked towards the bathroom as I heard the shower run in the bathroom. I shut the bedroom door closed and dressed Caitlin before  laying Caitlin in-between Sin and I. I slipped out if my towel and slipped into my nightwear.

Sliding into the bed covers I pulled Caitlin close to me and shut my eyes, only hoping for the best. Sin walked out of the bathroom the warm steam filling a little portion of the room. I sat up as he walked, out a towel hung loosely on his hips and his bare chest glistening with water that looked like dew on his sun kissed chest.

His gray eyes held mine as neither of us exchanged a single syllable. I lay back down onto the soft mattress as his hurtful words echoed in my ears, my eyes stinging with tears as he walked further into the room.

Minutes later I felt the bed dip as he switched off the bedside lamp. Only our breathing sounded in the room. None of saying anything.

I shut my eyes trying to calm myself down as I felt the bed dip in front of me, I opened my eyes only to feel his arms wrapped around my body holding me closely to his chest as If not even allowing air to separate us. That's when the tears started flowing.

"I'm sorry, I'm so damn sorry" His voice cracked. "it's not true, you didn't hurt our son, you didn't do anything wrong, don't cry my love. I was a damned fool for saying those words in anger and an even more damned mate for not trusting my queen. I'm so sorry." he continued to say.

I began hitting his chest weakly and my heart clenched much more painfully. "Sin, it hurts. My heart hurts so much."

"baby, I know, I know, but every tear you shed hurts even more. Stop crying. I love you, and it's not your fault. so please. Don't blame yourself." he stroked my hair as I could hear his heart beat speed up.


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