Chapter 3; Tell Me Why?

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Chapter 3:

The mansion doors opened as Caitlin looked with wide eyes. This was something I wanted to give her but could never afford.

After getting an apartment, my life started falling apart. But I stood strong and got by, though my job isn't much, it steadied us financially and we were able to live simply.

We walked into the house, as a lady walked in with a bowl of ice cream.

"Your majesty." she courtesied. He simply nodded his head as he handed the bowl of I've cream to Caitlin.

"Caitlin Princess, why doesn't Yelena show you around while your mother and I have a little chat?" Sin's voice held demand.

Caitlin being young nodded happily as the woman, Yelena, walked with her to another side. Sin turned to me, his face held no emotion. He walked up the stairs towards a room.

His hand holding mine as we went up the stairs. His eyes he'd honesty. His eyes held love. My mate was my beloved.

We entered an office, as he shut the door behind him locking so we would have no disturbance. No interruptions.

He didn't say a word as he watched me intently. He didn't look happy, but he looked relived. He didn't frown, yet he was furious.

"Tell me, Why is it that I've only learnt if my 3 year old daughter today?" he spat out.

"Tell me why you did what you did to me 4 years ago and then you'll get your answer, your majesty." I spat out towards him.

He growled in rage, his words roared our as he spoke. "You had no right whatsoever to keep away the one thing I wanted most in my life!" yet I kept silent. I didn't say a word.

"Sin, tell me, if you wanted her so bad. Why did you reject me?" I asked him, my eyes burning as they wanted to sing with tears.

He let out a dry chuckle. "Have you forgotten, I didn't reject you." he said making me laugh.

"Oh, so the way you behaved with me didn't mean rejection. Just admit it Sin, you felt I was a burden to you. Don't sugar coat it for me." I said to him as his gaze blazed into mine.

He stared at me intently. "The day you learn the truth, that proud look on your face will falter." he said in an icy tone.

"The day you get what you deserve, that arrogant ass of yours will falter." I said as he growled.

"You may be my mate, but I won't stand to be disrespected." he said to me honestly.

"I was your mate and now you're my nothing except my king. That's it." I said to him as we had a stare down.

A small knock echoed onto the office as Caitlin's scent pickled my nose. I opened the door to see a big smile on her face.

"Mommy! Look this is daddy's house, right?" she said shattering my heart.

"Daddy?" I asked her.

"Yes, Mr. Sin is going to be my new daddy right, and you'll be happy again." she said. But something was off.

"Caitlin honey are you feeling okay, you're -" just as I was about to speak she fell into my arms her body burning.

"Mommy, it burns." she said tears coming out of her eyes. "Mommy I can't see." she said.

I started panicking. I knew very well what was happening. "Sin, you have to run an ice bath for her, quickly, please." I pleaded with him as he joined abruptly.

I carried Caitlin in my arms my heart poundibg against my chest as if it was going to fall out. My baby was in pain and I couldn't do much just soothe her.

Yelena, had poured ice in the tub by the time we got there she opened the tap, cold water, letting the water run.

I undressed Caitlin putting her in the bathtub. Soon the heat cooled down and her eyes fluttered close as her breathing steadied.

I let out a sigh of relief. As the tears kept rolling out of my eyes. "What's wrong with our daughter?" Sin questioned, hurt laced in his voice.

"That's the thing. I don't know."


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