Chapter 22; Descision Made

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Chapter 22:

The sun peaked through the gray curtains of the bedroom. Caitlin stored between Sin and I. I blinked my eyes open adjusting to the sunlight. My thoughts from yesterday swirled in my mind allowing me to get a restless night, but never the less at least I had gotten some shut eye.

I sat up stretching and making my way towards the bathroom. I turned to look at both father and daughter passed out like rocks snoring with disheveled hair. I chuckles slightly as I closed the door preparing myself for the day.

When I had gotten out, both Sin and Caitlin were sitting on the bed playing rock, paper, scissors. Sin kept on loosing purposely as Caitlin eyes lit up and a big smile overtook her face.

Two minutes later as I used the towel to dry my now wet hair, Caitlin spotted me and jumped up on the bed.

"Mommy!" she yelled running towards me. I picked the tip of her nose giving her a kiss on the cheek. Sin made his way into the bathroom as I continued to pepper kiss her face.

I heard the shower run, as my face heated up with unreasonable thoughts and I swear I heard Sin laugh.

Fifteen minutes had passed before the bathroom door clicked open and the warm mist smoked out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

"Have you decided whether I should throw my mother into the dungeons Isabelle." Sins voice echoed behind me.

I placed Caitlin down as I turned to him, staring into his deep gray eyes. "yes" I replied without hesitation.

he pulled a shirt over his head as his hair stuck up in all directions. The sweet scent of just walking out the shower filled my nose, he smelt great. What?

He simply nodded and walked out of the room. Caitlin settled down as Yelena knocked the room door coming in and taking Caitlin away, to get her ready. I slipped on a floral dress and tied my hair up in a bun.

As I slipped on my shoes I heard a growl echo through the palace. I dropped my shoes running out to see if anything bad had happened, but Ravecca's high screams of anger reverberated in my ears.

"Sin! I am your mother, what is the meaning of this?!" she questioned undeniably filled with pride. Oh how I hate her right now.

"Mother, my mate seems to think you're behind everything from the start, I wint judge her opinion." he said bluntly.

Ravecca whipped her head looking towards me instantaneously I though she would have rotated it in a 360° turn.

"Isabelle my dear, what is the meaning of this?." she questioned venom in her voice.

"you know exactly what this is. You think your schemes to get the throne for your sons is going to be easy, but you better forget it." I said to her with just as much venom in my voice.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, you think I'm dumb enough to do something like that? Tell me?! Even if I do want the thrones for my own flesh and blood, I would never mistreat my step kids because they have more rights to the throne than my own kids. So how dare you assume any of this?! Explain it to me?!" she yelled out softly with gate lingering around her.

Had I made a mistake? No! She would do anything to get what she wants. That's just her.

"I don't believe a word you say Ravecca! We're you not the one who set up the night when Sin kissed that absurd Barbie!" I yelled not wanting to say Liana's horrific name.

"Who? Liana? I'll have you know 'Belle' that Liana and I never saw each other that night, and I wouldn't hide that, and I hate the damn girl, why would I let her anywhere near me?!" Ravecca asked astounded by my accusation.

"I don't believe you!" I exclaimed in frustration. She looked at me with disappointment shining in her eyes.

"I always though you were smart, but seriously, you are just blinded by your hate for me because of that one little incident, you choose to ignore the truth," a wicked smile popped on her face.

I definitely was not going to believe her.

"Gaurds, let mh mother go." Sin said. I turned to look at him, what was he doing?

"Thank you. At least my son has some common sense not to be blinded by your accusations." she said with pride in her voice, before walking away from us.

I turned to Sin, confused. Did he not say he would believe me? That he would do as I asked? Why was this happening now? Why did it feel like a knife piercing unto my heart.

" Why? Why did you let her go? Sin, you said you'd listen! She's getting away from. Everything she's done! Why!?" I asked in anger.

"Isabelle, ENOUGH! NO MORE! NO MORE ACCUSATIONS! NO MORE HOLDING ONTO THE PAST! LET IT GO! IT'S NOT HER!" he screamed in rage, he was frustrated and was holding his wolf back from lashing out.

"But Sin, how do you expect me to let go of all of this, huh?! Tell me! How?! You're not the one who expirienced it, you're not the one who suffered alone for 6 years, you aren't! So how could you even ask me to 'let it go'?!" I asked astounded by his words. My eyes welled up with tears. My chest hurt. What was I to forget?

"Isabelle my love, listen to me. I don't know what happened between you two but I'm telling you she's not the one, she wouldn't do that to you. Stop finding excuses to blame her dammit! Wake up, open your eyes and think more carefully. Next time I won't listen to your accusations, I won't take your word when blaming anyone in this family unless you've got proof against them. You're my mate, and I love you, but when it comes to being fair, I will not even hold back on you." he snapped before turning around and walking away.


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