Chapter 2; Because Of Him

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Chapter 2:

I pulled away from him as flashbacks came rushing back. Everything, every moments, ever feeling, all of it hit me like a ton of bricks. His scent made me feel weak but Caitlin snapped into my mind.

I took a step back as he watched me with daring eyes. "Don't you dare dissappear again from me Isabelle, don't you even try." he said, his voice held stern.

But I couldn't accept it. I couldn't allow it. I don't want it to happen. I don't want to go through it again. Instantly I grabbed Caitlin and ran. I ran as fast as I could as a Growl roared. He was angry. But I could care less.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, but they didn't move as far as I wanted them to. He gripped my fore arm with force and looked me in the eyes with his deep Grey ones.

Caitlin's yelp had caught his attention as his eyes moved from my hazel eyes to her Grey eyes. He let go of my arm and pushed me aside, as the little 3 year old brunette looked at him with wide surprised eyes.

"Isabelle, is she mine?" he questioned. I kept silent. "I asked you a question! Is she mine?! Answer me dammit!" his voice shook me as Caitlin looked scared for dear life.

"You don't deserve to know." I spat out. He growled angrily at me and glared.

"You dissappear for 4 years only for me to find out I have a daughter, after four darned years. FOUR YEARS ISABELLE! FOUR! You kept my precious princess from me for four years." he said as he stared at me. I wasn't guilty. I didn't feel guilty at all.

"And whose fault is it that I ran away? Whose fault is it that I didn't have the courage to yell you about her? Whose fault is it that we are in this situation today. Only God knows how much suffering you've put me through, and God forbid I let my daughter go through the same thing." I spat out disgustingly to him.

He looked me straight in the eyes. No emotion. No reason. No guilt. "You're coming with me." is all he muttered.

He would be mad to think I'd go along with him. "I refuse." I stood my ground.

He dared me to speak again. He looked at Caitlins fearful eyes and his face broke. Almost as if one expression from her could break him. He turned to me again but no emotion showed. "I don't care what you say. You're coming with me weather you like it or not, or maybe you'd like a forceful method?" he said making my eyes widen.

He wouldn't? Would he? Would he take full custody of Caitlin? I'd never live with myself. I'd rather die. My head fell submissive as I glared at the ground.

He turned to walk as I picked Caitlin up and followed behind him. "Mommy? Who is he? Is he a bad guy?" she asked as my eyes wanted to water.

Here, the man she was meant to call dad was in front of her, and because of him she'd cry. Because of him every night for 2 years she'd cry for a dad. Because of him, I'd have to endure watching her with a sad expression watching other kids, with both, their moms and dads.

"No baby, he's going to make your life better." I smiled at her. Knowing Sin, his daughter is all he wants right now, so he'd do anything in his power to keep her happy. I just wish things turned out differently.

We stood in front of his expensive sports car, as he opened the door for us. His eyes were blank, but he had a Pissed expression on his face. He was angry that I kept his daughter away from him, but it's all his fault, it's all because of him.

All because of him.


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