Chapter 5; He's Your Daddy Part 1

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Chapter 5:

We sat at the breakfast table as a fully filled breakfast meal was set. Caitlin's eyes widened beyond surprise. Every little thing she like for breakfast was on the table. A smile slapped its way on her tiny face as she began picking out everything she likes, and Sin putting it on the plate for her. And I don't know where all that food goes.

"Thank you Mr. Sin" she said as I watched Sin put on a painful smile welcoming her.

He ruffled her hair, turned to me for a mere second before eating his plate and let me tell you again, I don't know where all that food goes. Like father, like daughter.

After breakfast I cleaned up the dishes allowing Yelena to do some other work, while Caitlin and Sin sat in the living room watching Television.

I finished washing dishes, moving to the living room sitting next to them. Caitlin looked at me as she sat between Sin and I. Sin's eyes met mine and I know he wanted me to tell her, but honestly my heart clogged up having to see my daughter surprised. What would be her reaction?

"Caitlin." I said as I paused the television. She turned to me, a wide smile on her face. "Remember when I told you about your dad?" I asked her.

"yes, you said my dad was out there and he was trying to make our lives better for us, you told me he loved me and I should never dwout that. And if we ever see him again he'll say sorry." she repeated. "But why?"  she asked.

"What would you do, if I told you were with your daddy?" I asked her. She kept silent.

"Why?" she asked again.

"because, Sin's your daddy." she immediately stood up and tears welled up in her eyes.

"No he's not." she said making his facade shatter. Sin looked at her with a sad expression.

"Why would you say that Caitlin?" I asked her, trying not to make her cry.

"Becwause! He wasn't there for my birfdays, and I hear you cry every night. I see how you becomes sad when I ask for my daddy. So no he's not my daddy, Becwause he made you sad." she yelled throwing the Teddy Bear he bought for her at him.

She ran as fast as her little feet could carry her as fat tears rolled down her face, I heard her bedroom door slam shut. My heart Shattered knowing she could hear me cry at night. It Shattered even more knowing she felt so abandoned. I didn't notice the tears, until I heard myself sniffle.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Sin yelled towards me in rage making me flinch. "BECAUSE OF YOU, MY DAUGHTER DESPISES ME BEING HER FATHER. BECAUSE YOU KEPT HER AWAY FROM ME, TODAY WHEN I FINALLY MAKE MY PRESENCE, SHE REJECTS ME." he said. But what surprised me was the sad expression on his face. "It hurt when I found out you left and rejected me as your mate, but what hurts even more is that my daughter, my little princess, Rejected me as her father." he said, and then looked at me with a scowl. "Why did you leave?" he said and turned away going up the stairs.

I stood alone in the living room as tears flowed down my eyes. "I didn't reject you." I whispered to myself. "I saw it, I saw what you had." I whispered yet again. Too bad he'll never know the reason why, but why do I feel so guilty knowing that u could've done something.

Indeed why did I leave?

Why is the past hitting me with a ton of bricks? Why is everything so complicated? Why is my life so complicated? Why is fate playing with me?

"I only left because I was weak"


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