Chapter 18; Found; Part 1

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Chapter 18:

My hand shook as I tried avoiding Sin's eyes, he wouldn't believe a word I said. Especially if I blamed someone.

"Isabelle," he said my name sternly, "who touched you. What happened from the night you left, up until I found you?" his face stone cold and expressionless.

"Sin, if I told you that Ravecca had something to do with it, would you believe me?" I asked.

"I don't understand." he said utterly confused as to what was coming out of my mouth.

"If I told you that you getting drunk and kissing Liana only for me to see, was planned by her, and when I ran away being kidnapped was also planned by her, all that I went through was planned and carried out by her, would you believe me?" I questioned him.

"Isabelle, why would my mother do any of those, she's not that kind of person, perhaps you're just not thinking straightー" I cut him off.

"Sin you have got to believe me, don't you ever wonder, why you ended up disliking your mother?! Sin, Ravecca only wants the throne and she'll do anything to get it, even if that means taking your mate away to succeed. She doesn't care about you because you're not her blood, your father chose to give you the throne and ignored her sons, she obviouslyー"

"Enough" he whispered but I had to Say it anyway.

"ーJust wants what she thinks belongs to her. Why can't you see she's evil, Sin, why can't youー"

"ENOUGH ISABELLE!" he roared. He was confused, angry and frustrated. He couldn't think straight. He stood up and looked down at me, "My mother wouldn't do that." he said as he walked out of the room, slamming the door.

That's it. She brainwashed him. I sat pulling at my hair. How was I going to get him to see her chameleon colors?

A small hand touched my shoulder. I looked up to see my little Caitlin. I stroked her brown hair.

"Mommy, where did daddy go?" she questioned.

"To get some air." I replied as I stood up, picking her in my arms. "Come, let's go home."

I carried her in my arms as I walked out of the building that revealed my secrets.

I fell flat on the bed, my face in a pillow. The moment we had gotten home, there was no sign of Sin anywhere. Had I triggered him to the point of infinite shock?

I let out an ugly sigh as I got up roaming around the bedroom. What would have happened if the events that happened didn't take place?

My mind was blooming with doubts and my head began pounding. I stood up immediately walking out the room only to bump into a hard chest. Strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer.

I looked up to see Jayden, a confused smile on his annoying face.

"What is it that you want?" I asked him as he chuckled, gripping me tightly.

"Come on Belle, is that how you thank your beast?" he joked around. I pulled out if hid grip glaring at his face.

"you're more annoying than ever." I said. 's he looked at me confused.

"what's twisted your panties? Come on Isabelle, what's wrong?" he pestered bringing his face close to mine. I pushed his face away harshly and snapped.

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS!" I yelled at him. He was seriously getting on my nerves.

I huffed and walked away, leaving jayden confused, but dilefibitly amused. Walking into Caitlin room I froze. Something wasn't right. I took quiet steps towards the bed where she lyed tired asleep. Something felt off. I walked closer to her bedside only to see a note.

'You should've kept your mouth shut.'

Written on a scrap piece of paper. The initials signed at the bottom if the paper was. E.L.

My hands shook rapidly as my heart raced endlessly. This can't be happening again. This couldn't be. I promised he wouldn't find us.

He wouldn't find us...

He wouldn't find..

He found... us.


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