Chapter 28: Home

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Chapter 28

"Sin, let me out." she pleaded.

I know I was being cruel but in all honesty, she left me no options. She was being stubborn and most of all unreasonable.

"Mom, tell me where my mate is and I'll let you out." I stated firmly.

She shook the bars of her cell as she glared directly at me. "open this door!" she screeched.

"Mom! You making this difficult. The sane you're feeling being apart from father is the same way I'm feeling being a part from my mate." I begged her with my eyes. "I don't understand why you're doing this! Isabelle has literally done nothing but love you as her own mother!" I said.

"Isabelle has done nothing but cause trouble from the day she walked into those doors, Sin! Don't you see she's making you blind?!" she said not making any sense.

"Making me blind with love because that's her duty mother. She is my mate. She's my other half, and you more than anyone knows what it feels like to be apart from your mate."

We looked into each other's eyes, both of us not ready to back down. Sma minute passed by and yet she held on.

She then looked away letting out a sigh. I let out a frustrated groan. Every second was killing me slowly. Isabelle didn't deserve this and my mother knew this just as much as I did.

"She's on the east side of the main forest. She's with Elliot." the moment the words left her lips I felt my blood boiling.

"Elliot mom?! Of all people in the wield Elliot!?" I barked at her.

"He's not harmful that's why I-"

I cut her off, "Not harmful?! He's touched my mate! He's taken away the son we could've had and you say he's not harmful?! Pray to the moon goddess mother that he hasn't done anything to her, because believe me, I will never forgive you if he has. Never." I said deadly with promise in my voice.

"Gaurds, let Abigail out." I said spitefulky as she winced at my tone.

How could she? She dares leave my mate in the gabs of someone she doesn't know well?

Isabelle, please hold on.

Isabelle's P.O.V:

I let out a tired sigh as my eyes burned from all the tears. This cell was haunting me.

Elliot was in and out frustration upon frustration. The abuse was useless because I never reacted. I couldn't react.

The pushed open, knowing Elliot was gonna use me as a punching bag I braced myself.

"Belle, for goodness sakes, you're beginibg to piss me off with this high off attitude you've accumulated." he growled lowly. With no reply he growled louder and grabbed my arm with such force knocking the breath out of me.

"Fine you want to play that way, I'll play that way." his hands slid up my arms leaving a disgusting trail. "I wonder how your mate would feel knowing his beloved isn't so clean once again?" he gave a wicked smile.

My eyes shot up instantly. I tried pulling my hand away as he gripped tighter trailing his hands up my thigh. Kicking his hands away and throwing a hard slap across his face he snarled at me throwing me against the brick walls.

Soon he was pinning me against it. Trashing around he held tighter. As his lips moved closer holding face in place I pursed my lips tightly.

This couldn't happen again. I couldn't let it happen again. Throwing my knees up and kicking his back leg, he winced as his grip loosened.

Using that as an opportunity, I gave him the hardest punch my hands could handle not being strong enough as he tried dodging, only for it to land directly by his nose. Hearing a crack and his cry in pain, he let go and soon I was headed for the cell door and out of the cabin.

Running out I didn't bother looking back as his footsteps could be heard a slight distance away. Not knowing where I was going, I took every turn and curve in this darned forest. My legs slowly giving out with the lack of energy in my body. I pushed and continued to run.

Suddenly I was grabbed and pulled into a rough chest.

"You can't escape me Belle." he said as his pulled me harder.

Soon we were both knocked into the hard leaf'ed for set ground. I looked up to see him. Sin stood there in all his glory ready to pounce. Elliot being held down by 2 guardsman.

His eyes locked on mine as his features softened. Abd he let out a sigh of relief, standing up on my wobbly kegs I trued taking a step towards him only for my legs to give out, but never feeling the hard floor, but a warm chest.

"Welcome back my love." were his words to me before my eyes drooped enveloping me into a comfortable darkness.


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