Chapter 23; If Only You Understood...

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What. Just. Happened?

That's the question that's been imploring my mind the entire time. I felt numb. Was I not trustworthy? And how could he had just taken her side? None of this made sense.

But what pierced my heart the most was the words he never thought of before uttering. 'forget about it'. How could he have asked me to just forget? To let go of the past, when I had been so wronged? How could those words form On his lips? His mate had been touched, abused, did he not feel anything. We were going back to how we used to be five years ago. We were going back to saying things that hurt one another. Sin hadn't changed.

I sighed as a tear rolled down my face. I feel so hurt, so wronged, so... Helpless. I sobbed quietly as I sat in Caitlins room on the couch.

I. Hadn't uttered a single word as I watched Mt daughter sleep. Life was easy after what had happened to us, now it's complicated again. My mind overflowed with the worst scenarios and honestly I didn't want my daughter to go through this at all. Caitlin didn't deserve to go through all of these hardships. She's only five and seeing lofe in all these ways, makes me wonder what goes through her mind.

The wind blew in the room as a quiet knock echoed throughout the bedroom. I said nothing already knowing whose scent filled my nose.

His elegant footsteps tapped on the bedroom floor as he made his way towards Caitlin bed. I turned to look at him as he sat next to our daughter caressing her hair gently as he kissed her forehead.

He looked at me his gaze locked on mine. Neither of us breathed and neither of us blinked. I broke eye contact as I looked away from him.

"Isabelle..." my name sounded from his lips. My stomach churned in excitement, this feeling only coming from my wolf.
I ignored his words and sat silently. Trying to keep my thoughts away from him.

"Isabelle, my love, please understand." and as soon as those words left his mouth I snapped.

"Understand what Sin? Exactly what should I understand? That I will always be your second choice over your 'mother'? Tell me? You say you live me, that I'm your Queen, that no one else matters besides me, yet you make me invisible as soon as Ravecca appears. Proof? What proof do I need to show you other than the fact that as your mate I know what I'm talking about?! TELL ME SIN! WHAT?!" I yelled.

He said nothing." You tell me to forget about it, how can you tell your mate to forget being raped.!? Do you not love your mate tgat other males touching her, meant nothing to you? How can you tell me to forget our son? The son I could've held? My son that I alone had carried for nine months! How?" I didn't shed a single tear.

He looked at me not saying a word. His gray eyes looked sad for a moment a sad smile reached his eyes.

"all that being done to you does effect me, but my love, If only you understood." was all he said before standing up and walking out of Caitlin room.

My heart clenched but I had to be strong. There was nothing to understand. If he wanted me to understand he would've found a way to explain. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. I was sick of hearing his pretty lies. Sick of hearing him put me in a pedestal only to shatter it down when Ravecca cane into the picture.

Ravecca. That's all that sat in his mind for as long as I can remember. She was the main cause of our fallout, but he just can't see it, an I'm definitely not gonna wait to see it. A tear rolled down my face as my Descision sat permeate in my mind. If Sin was not going to do anything about her, he'd have to choose between his mate and child or his mother.

I know it's childish, but what choice am I left with? What choice do I have? I had gotten nothing but heartache and an endless amount of tears were shed. But not anymore. I can't. I just can't.

I looked at Caitlin as my mind came into conclusion. I wasn't sticking around for this, and I was not going to let my child go through this either. We were leaving tonight and that's final.


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