Chapter 14; Elastic Band Tension

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Chapter 14:

"Isabelle, how have been? Where have you been?" She questioned, a smile on her face.

Was she trying to act innocent? Or was she Just trying to provoke me. I simply studied her  face briefly and slapped the most plastic smile I could fathom on my face.

"Liliana, it has been a while. But you know I've been up And about." I said to her. She nodded stupidly and turned to me her sly unhappy face making an appearance.

"And why is it you've come back? I thought you hated Sin apparently." she said trying to sound as if she really cared.

I hated Sin? And how is it that she Knew that, when I never mentioned ever hating Sin, I was angry, but hate, I never told anyone that. She was such a --

"Oh Sin never told you? He searched for me for almost 5 years, and he Confessed his dire love for me." I said. Her face twisted in anger. She was. About to speak when Caitlin squeal echoed.

Her tiny footsteps thud in the stairs. She spotted me and ran towards me, her face covered in chocolate.

"You bared another man's child. Sin must be despising you for that." she smiled. Oh how I'd love to shatter her face.

"momma! Daddy's coming for me!! Hewlp meee!" she ran behind my leg while Sin's scent floated about around us.

He spotted Caitlin and came towards us, Liliana's face brightened with a fake smile.

"Where is she? Wheres my princess?" Sin acted dumb. Caitlin continued to hide as Sin's hands grabbed and smothered kisses on her chocolate covered face.

Caitlin giggled in joy. "dadddddddyyyyyy" she laughed.

"princess! I told you not to eat mommys cake. It was supposed to be a surprise." Sin said looking at me.

"but It looked swow goowd!" she said with a cute smile.

Sin then turned to see Liliana next to me. "Lilly, good to see you." he said, and soon my jealousy was hitting him in waves.

He walked up beside me and wrapped his one hand around my waist as the other hand held Caitlin.

"Sin, is she yours?" she tried acting stupid, when she could clearly see they had a resemblence.

"Yes, she is mine and Isabelle's daughter, Caitlin." he said smiling lovingly at Caitlin.

I looked at Liliana with a deadly eye. We had a stare down and the tension Between us could be felt a mile away.

"Very good seeing you Isabelle," she turned to Sin "I came to collect a gown from Claire, thank you for the invite Sin." she said before walking away.

I turned to Sin, eyes squinted towards him. Would he really do this? Now? When the main root of our problem was her?

"Before you come to any conclusion, mom invited her." he said.

My chest felt a bit lighter. Key word: a bit. I glared at him for a bit, but what can I do?

Ravecca. Another lurker eyed woman. She was so sneaky to the fact. How could she? Was she even trying to show Sin she cared about him? At least through me?

I sighed, as Sin took my hand in his, shooting me a million dollar pearly smile, and pulling me with him.

"Come on! Let's go!" Sin said. Caitlin giggled in his arms happily.

I shook my head at the loves of my life, they were indeed the only thing that kept me going.

To think Sin and I got off at the wrong foot, and Caitlin and I went through so much. My mind then wandered again to earlier thoughts.

Memories haunting my mind. A slight dizziness took over me. I shook my head trying to get myself straight. Sin paused and looked my way.

"Isabelle?" he said my name a boy worried.

Caitlin looked at me with drowsy eyes. Sin turned towards her in a jiffy as she fell limp In his arms. My heart boomed in my chest making the dizziness dissappear instantly. Why was this happening again?!

"Caitlin, honey." I called out, putting my hand on her head. Her body was burning up again. "Sin, we need a cold bath immediately." I yelled out in a panicked hushed tone. My eyes gathering tears.

Sin took Caitlin through the hall, down to Claire's bedroom. He stormed in and me behind him.

Caitlin startled, frowned at her brothers actions and was about to scold him, just as she saw me.

Sin rushed into the bathroom, letting the water run cold, before stripping Caitlin and putting her under it.


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