Chapter 16; Only Lies And Secrets Part 2

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Chapter 16:

The entire day I've been restless, tired and worried. Sin finding out... How is he going to react? Will he get angry, pity me, hate and despise me?

I sighed as the night set in. It was as if the moon goddess wanted this secret to be revealed. But what would that do? Destroy the new relationship we've built? Or Strengthen it Even more?.

I slipped into my black night dress that fell right above my knees, tightening the shoulder straps, I threw on a silk loose gown and stared at the mirror of the walk through closet. What was going to happen tomorrow? The same question circling my thoughts.

I felt warm arms wrap around my waist pulling me into a warm chest. Sin's scent tickled my nose as he buried his face into the crook of my neck, placing light kisses.

"What's got your mind so occupied?" he questioned.

I quickly slapped a smile on my face and turned towards him shaking my head.

"nothing really." I said as I stepped out his hold and sat on our bed.

Caitlin was long asleep. I pulled the duvet over my bare legs, slipping off the silk gown and laying my head on the pillow. Sin slipped in next to me his bare chest pressed against my back as he switched off the side lamp light.

"Sin?" I called out to him.

"hmm" he replied.

"promise me something?" I requested. He shifted a little, pulling me closer his hot breath hitting my nape.

"hmm" he repeated.

"promise me tomorrow, you'll try to understand and won't go on a horrid rampage?" I asked.

A silence lingered, and I turned around only to see him fast asleep. How will he react tomorrow? just how?

I walked in a dark room. Nothing but a mirror infront of me. It was starting again. I looked at myself not trying to find any beauty. I was just Isabelle. I didn't deserve to be called any stunning name, I didn't deserve to be called a true mother after all I put Caitlin and I through. I wanted to Cry. The dreams were starting again and no doubt I was going to degrade myself again. But that's fine Sin won't have to see my pathetic side.

I sat alone in the darkness. I was used to it. A little light doesn't always last. Once Sin finds out tomorrow it's over for me. The once strong Isabelle will show how pathetic she was and still is. He won't accept a weak mate and maybe that's why I couldn't come back to him in the first place.

I knew Liliana was the Devils daughter but in all honesty, I would have returned to the Palace after hitting off a few fumes, my thought was maybe allowing him to suffer for 2 years. But during that I put myself through alot, trying to hurt Sin only destroyed who I was. I wasn't Isabelle anymore, I was pathetic, insane, I was ugly... I was just disgusting.

Nothing could save me from this dream. Nothing in all honesty. Nothing at all, because the darkness is never, and will never let me go. And I cried. I let my tears fall, I can't be strong in this dark place. I couldn't. I just couldn't.

I felt a cold hand burning my hot skin as I shot up and looked around hastily. I was always woken up like this. And I hated it. My eyes scanned the room as quickly as it could and a strong arm pulled me to a warm chest.

"Shh Isabelle, it's okay, you're okay." Sin's voice invaded my ears.

"I'm fine," I said as if nothing happened.

"You were crying Isabelle, there's no way nothing happened." I stilled in his arms.

I picked up my shaky hands as my wet face touched the pads of my fingers. Why now? I've never cried to the point t where it would be noticed in reality, I only cried in my dreams. So why now?

Sin caressed my bare back as he placed kisses in the crook of my neck. "you're okay." he whispered. If only he knew. "come on Isabelle it's already past dawn, we have to go the the pack doctor." he said as he let me go and slid out of bed.

I looked at the draped curtains and brought my knees to my chest. Sin was not going to be happy. Not a single bit.


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