Chapter 13; Hidden Anger Of The Past

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Chapter 13:

With Sin around everything seemed so Overwhelming, I couldn't Get myself To think Straight, The mate Bond seemed to get stronger, and the more I could see my anger diminishing.

Caitlin's words still Echoed in my head. Elliot. Would he find us again? Would he disturb my life again? Would he destroy Caitlin's? I shook my head trying not to think about it but it just kept occupying my mind. I walked out of Caitlin's room down the hallway. Jayden stood in the corner and looked at me a smile coloring how face.

"Isabelle." He said. I looked towards him slapping a smile on my face.

"Jayden, how long has it been? How's your mate Eliza?" I questioned him. A dark expression seemed to lure over his face as he shook it away smiling at me.

"She cheated on me and ran off with an alpha male." he laughed silently.

"I'm... Sorry, I didn't mean to be insensitive and inconsiderate, I-" he cut me off, by waving his hands.

"it's not your fault, you didn't know. Anyway changing the subject, let's talk about you, why is it you come back to the Palace? I thought Sin did you wrong." he said reminding me.

"Turns out everything was a misunderstanding and we are trying to sort things out." I partly lied. I was most definitely still angry with Sin, but I had partly forgiven him.

"and I see you bared his child?" he said expressionlessly.

Hesitantly I replied, "yes. Caitlin is our daughter. I do kind of feel bad for hiding Caitlin from him but at the same time I don't feel guilty, but rather a bit relieved." I smiled.

"Well, you did the right thing. By leaving Sin you became the beautiful Isabelle you once were, well you've become even more beautiful than before if I must flatter you." he joked.

I laughed alongside him but I could feel my thoughts about the last three years come back to me. My smile faltered as my heart beat paced up.

"Isabelle? Are you okay? I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Jayden said worriedly.

"Don't worry about me Jay, I'm just a bit tired and I have a bit of a headache. I think I'm going to lie down for a bit to get all the overwhelming stress off me." I said.

Jayden studied my face as he nodded. "well then I'll see you around later." he said. I nodded and waved at him awkwardly and made my way down the hall towards Sin and I's bedroom.

My thoughts kept jumbling around. Sins voice echoed out of our bedroom As I stepped in. He seemed frustrated stroking his hair wildly, His tie loosely tied around his shirt collar.

"That's not possible!" he raised his voice. He was beginning to get angry and the anger began intimidating even me as his mate. "do whatever you have to, to ensure that the job gets done." he barked, then instantly cut the call.

He growled and threw the phone into the bed, glaring at whatever came into view. I walked behind him rubbing his soothingly as he took calm breaths. He turned towards me with a smile, making me more suspicious and curious.

"Who was it in the phone and what's got you so worked up?" I asked him as he shook his head smiling at me.

"nothing my love. You don't need to worry." he said reassuringly. "Where's Caitlin?" he questioned curiously.

"Playing dolls in her room." I vaguely answered.

Sin simply nodded as began unbuttoning his shirt. "I smell his scent lingering on you my love." Sin said. "why can't that bastard keep his distance, you're my mate, why does he look Like he wants me to kill him?!" he said as anger rolled off him in small amounts.

I looked at him confused, "who?" I asked.

"My stupid dumbass cousin." he said, bitterness in his tone. Sin and Jayden used to be brothers forget that, I almost saw them as mates, because they were so close. But it seems something happened to get the two at each others throats. Well Sin aiming for Jayden's throat.

I sighed and looked at him confused once again. "Jay and you were both so close, what's he done to make you spite him so much?" I questioned him.

"Jay? You've give him a nickname?" is that all he grasped. I sighed in frustration and looked at him with dead serious eyes.

"Yes Jay, the same way I and the rest of your family call you Sin." I said to him.

"My nickname has nothing to do with the fact that Jaydens name is not even that long that it requires you to give him a nickname." he said, jealousy gettting the best of him.

"fine then Sindevaladore de Lorenzo Matinez Dillan Vladimir." I said making my furrow my eyebrows. "just saying your first name is a mission Sindevaladore, sheesh." I laughed.

Sin simply kept a straight face as he pulled a white shirt over his head, "I'm Heading to the office for some work, turns out alot of work has piled up for the few months I left." he said as he excused himself.

I shook my head at him and smiled, following him out of the room. Questions long forgotten I made my way up another flight of stairs towards Claire's room. I smiled thinking about sins earlier reaction, bumping into someone.

I looked up as my heart clenched and nothing but anger clouded my judgement.

"Isabelle, it's been a while has it not?"

"Yes it has Liana."


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