Chapter 25; Gone... Part 2

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Sin's POV :

Every breath that sounded from me, felt agonizingly painful as my paws hit the soft earth of the forest.


The only thing on my mind was her and our daughter. Their safety wrenched my heart, and what's worse, I hadn't marked her completely. I had sunk my teeth in her gently only to be able to sense her, but the mark bond was weakening slowly.

I searched rapidly looking for her. My beloved. My love. And I was not going to show mercy to anyone who has touched a single hair on her head.

My mind was utterly covered in fog. I could not think straight and my heart felt heavy. No words could calm me down. I was angry and distressed.

I slowed down in the deepest part of the forest, not wanting to cross any territory of any other pack. Shuffling alarmed me as my eyes scanned across the forest cautiously, there was someone else here. I slowly took steps towards the sound only a longing scent to hit me, I ran as fast as I could towards her. She lay unconscious, her dress torn, her hair disheveled, my daughter was hurt. Lifting her up and putting her on my back and looking around quickly to see if Isabelle was here, I ran quickly towards the palace.

Opening the palace doors with a boom, the pack doctor appeared and took Caitlin from my arms. I panicked ever so painfully as I realized her breaths slowing down.

Why was this happening?! My mind was a mess and in disarray.

"What's wrong with her?!" I asked in a very impatient tone.

"Alpha, she seems to be in a panicked and shocked state, also she bruised her spine just a little, she'll wake up in 2 hours, don't worry." he said. But how could I not worry? For all I know Isabelle is out there somewhere, going through God knows what and my daughter is hurt.

I growled in frustration as I dropped my face in my hands. Clair rushed towards me upset.

" Sin, are they okay?" she asked. Her eyes filled with worry.

"Bring mom here. NOW."

Isabelle's POV

My head felt as though a hundred rocks were placed in them. The first thing that came to mind was Caitlin as I opened my eyes and let my eyes dart around the room in search of her.

She wasn't here. My heart dropped rapidly as I looked around for her little figure. My baby wasn't with me. My heart panicked in a frenzy, this wasn't supposed to happen. How the heck did I end up here?

I heard rattling in the distance as heavy footsteps made their way before me. There he stood in his disgusting glory.

"Did you miss me babe?" he asked ever so wickedly.

I shivered in disgust. His stupid laugh rang in my ears, as he walked closer.

"Elliot." I said with no emotion in my voice at all. His hand wrapped around my arm in a painful grip.

"Were gonna have so much fun!" he smiled.

"Why would Ravecca risk it and let you take me again, Sin will definitely know its her."

Eliot chuckled lightly and said nothing as he walked off. I let go of the fear I was holding in as my hands shivered disdainful like. This wasn't supposed to happen again, and now I was re-living the nightmare I tried to forget ever so greatly. And this time I don't know what I'd do if anything bad happens.


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