Chapter 33; The Wrong Mind

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Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Standing up after him, Sin took my hand in his in a tight grip and began walking towards the door.

Halting, my eyes budged as I watched him push the door open and Clair came into sight a scowl on her face.

My heart began beating in a panic as I watched the siblings stare off as if getting ready to pounce at one another.

Sin was ready to step forward as my hand held him back.

"It's not safe..." I said as my words drifted. Sin simply smiled as he approached her.

Was he losing his mind? I couldn't help but stay rooted to my place and Sin stood right in front of her face. A growl rubles from Clair as her hand came up to punch Sin square in the jaw.

Sin unmoved allowed her fists to connect to his face.

"Well I deserve that" he spoke as my mouth fell open to his words.

We were here standing face to face with his sister that practically betrayed our trust and he says 'I deserves that'. My mind out of docis I felt two arms wrap around my waist. Gaining my attention back, I waas in eye contact with Clair a smile over her face.

"I can't believe you fell for that." she said with a smile, my mind confused.

"Wait, so you're meaning to tell me that this is part of the plan you devised?" I questioned.

"I told you Bella, nothing can happen without me knowing." he said with a strained smile.

"What about Jayden?" I questioned.

"He needs to fall into the trap I've put up."

"But why Jayden? Why would Jayden have anything against me? I did nothing to him, absolutely nothing..." by now my voice cracked as I couldn't fathom this whole thing.

"Your being with me alone is what triggered him Bella. Jayden is the kinda relative that creates scenarios that he was never in. Right at this moment just as much as five years ago hm, in his mind, I stole you from him." Sin said.

My mind froze for a second. I was with Jayden? Heck we didn't even know each other unil I was brought to the palace with Sin. Just when did it all start.

"For now, let's get outta here, I don't want you standing in the middle of dan-" the door opened with a cunningly smiling Jayden, "ger" Sin finished with a frown on his face.

"Well done cousin, being able to trap me in this way." A sinister sneer contrasted his face.

"I would applaud myself don't you think Jayde? So why don't you stop all of this now while you still can?" Sin requested almost in a demanding tone.

"Stop? STOP? Why didn't you stop the moment stealing my lover crossed your mind." he said pointing at me.

"Jaden she is my mate. You only met her when she walked into the palace. Even if she was your lover, which she was not, would still not give you any right to hold on to one that belongs to another. Your mate is out there Jayde..." Sin said affirmatively.

"Cut the bullshit Sindevaladore." Jayden spat out. "Speaking won't save you."

"I know, that's why I came prepared" with saying a that a hiss echoed through Jayden's mouth as he fell to his knees

The smell of silver tinge led my nose as I watched a silver needle peirce Jayden's thigh. He looked up with scorching rage and garmtred before his consciousness gave out and he passed out.

Soon the doors bust open as 4 palace guards walked in, and bowed before Sin.

"Take his to the dungeons and out him in the cell next to Elliot. I'll deal with them later." Sin's voice shook with authority.

Clair sighed in relief as her shoulders slumped. "It's finally over."

"yea" i muttered but my heart wasn't sitting right. Something felt off.

"What's wrong?" Sin questioned sensing my discomfort.

I shook my head ignoring the feeling. "Nothing" I smiled. "Let's go home." I said as he pulled me into his chest and placed a loving kiss on my head.


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