Chapter 10; Bundle Of Joy

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Chapter 10:

"What had I said Isabelle?" Sin looked into my eyes and I tried avoiding hid gaze. I sealed my lips not wanting to say anything, it just brings back bad memories.

His gaze burned my body and I looked at him, "There is no way you could've forgotten those words, did you?" I asked him.

Sin seemed to get angry at me, "Isabelle! Don't you think I'd I had remembered I would've appolifesed or tried to explain myself?! SO DON'T BRING THE B.S ABOUT FORGETTING" he yelled at me punching the wall closest to him. Caitlin yelped in fear seeing her father's eyes turn dark in anger.

Sin seemed to notice and looked down to her only for her to grab my leg, trying to get me to pick her up. "Mom, I'm scared, he's going to hurt you." see said and honestly I was praying she had forgotten about the past.

"Shh baby, he's not gonna hurt me, daddy's not going to hurt me." I said to her and smiled soothingly. The last thing I want is for Caitlin to get scared again.

"But daddy's eyes-" I looked at her in the eyes and she kept quiet,looking down knowing she should drop it.

"Something else happened right? Stop keeping secrets from me Isabelle!" he shouted.

"What happened during my disappearance has nothing to do with you Sin, why don't you go to Liana so she can comfort you, isn't that why you kept her close to you?" I said to him in rage.

"What dies Liana have to do with this Isabelle? She did nothing to you! More she did nothing to me! And I never ran to her for comfort, she always comforted me when you were the reason I was angry!" he spoke making my heart shatter.

"Im tge reason you always got angry huh?! Well you know Sin it takes two to tango, did you ever think it was you that caused your own anger? So Liana was the woman you wanted us that right?" I said my voice cracking.

"Stop twisting my words! Liana did nothing wrong Isabelle! NOTHING!" she yelled at me.

"if that's right, then go ahead. Go to your Liana, your angel Liana, Ho kiss her just like you did, go tell her like you did. You want to know the words you uttered that night? Simple you said, 'if I could have anyone Liana it would be you, I'm sorry you're not my mate, but rejecting Isabelle is going to be a problem in my life. I love you.' that night I was going to tell you about my pregnancy, I was going to tell you what happiness you've been seeking was finally yours, only for me to walk into a heart shattering situation." Sin stared at me in shock. Clair looked speechless. Abigail stood by the bathroom door with her mouth wide open.

"And then you had the guts to kiss her and look me in the eyes today, and tell me you love me? Your words is nothing my rubbish. I'll never, I swear to never ever forget that night Sin. Never. Thinking about what happened that night, I can't, I just cannot forgive you." this time I couldn't stop my tears from falling.

I pushed past him up to the bedroom with Caitlin in my arms. Knowing she had to witness that is something that hurts more.

I placed her in the bed and wiped my tears away, she stared at me with her beautiful eyes. "Momma, you're cwying." see said and I could hear the rack in her voice.

"No baby, it's just I'm so happy to hold you in my arms, these  are tears of happiness." I lied to her.

She searched my eyes for an answer but she couldn't find anything. "I'm also happy to hwold you in my awrms momma, so must I cwry?" she asked making me laugh.

Nothing could take this happiness away from me, nothing. My baby is the only one I need, and no one not even Sin is going to take her away from me.

Because not matter where I went, She was always there, she was the comfort that kept me going, that kept me happy.

My bundle of joy, my happiness.


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